10 Clothing Tips That Will Make You Look 10 Years Younger


According to a study, People who feel young at heart are linked to younger brain age. And everyone wants to look the way they feel and age doesn’t stand in their way. To reflect the way you feel even when you are older, you need to be precise about your clothing styles. Just grabbing clothes from the newest collection will not do the trick, you must choose the ideal style that reflects your inner self.

We are here with some clothing tips that would help you in choosing the ideal clothing style that would make you look younger.

1. Avoid Bold prints

Finding the right and beautiful print is extremely difficult because large prints would make you look older. You need to choose an elegant print that would make you look younger and more sophisticated. In most cases, smaller prints or plain textures will make you look more youthful and slimmer.

2. Try skinny Jeans

Say goodbye to all the saggy and weird outfits, go for a stylish skinny jean that highlights your figure. Skinny jeans can be easily paired with different style tops and it would make you look slim and young.

3. Be cautious about shapeless clothes

It is a common misconception that wearing oversized clothes makes people look smaller. A shapeless and baggy outfit actually adds more volume to your entire silhouette. Most people chose oversized clothes to hide their belly, but believe it or not, this style may work against you. It would make you look bigger and sloppy. A short jacket that defies your waist will be more figure-flattering and younger.

4. Highlight your waist

As we grow older, our waist and bust seem to be merged into one. So, whenever possible differentiate or highlight them to look younger. Style your outfit with a nipped-in blazer, a wide belt, or a cardigan to get this effect.

5. Be careful while choosing Sunglasses

Choose trendy and stylish sunglasses to adorn your look. For instance glasses with oversized frames will hide your facial signs and at the same time, you would look stunning. Similarly, Cat-eye glasses will correct the issues with the lower outer corner of the eyes and will make you look younger.

6. Choose elegant Jewellery

Massive and luxurious jewelry are choices of the older generation, young people these days prefer minimal accessories. So just wear simple accessories or jewels instead of piling them all together.

7. Avoid Excessive black

Black is a beautiful and amazing color, it is suitable for every occasion. But as we grow older our skin becomes paler and wearing a black outfit can create an unpleasant contrast on your face. It may highlight the dark shadows and wrinkles around the eyes and chin.

8. Wear the rightly fitted b-ra.

Wearing the wrong bra not only disturbs your comfort but also makes you look older. Wrongly chosen bra could spoil the entire outfit and it will make you look slough. It could make you 10 years older than your actual age, and with that, your figure will look more rippled.

9. Pay attention to your neckline

Most people keep their necks covered under their dress to hide their aging neck but it is an open neckline that would make you look younger and attractive. Choose a V-neck sweater, dress, or jacket with a narrow riffled collar to look young and beautiful.

10. Avoid Capris that are too short

Short Capris will make your legs look smaller and will highlight your muscular calves. Instead, go for trousers that end at the thinnest part of your leg.


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