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13-Year-Old Creates School Closet So That His Classmates Not Get Humilated For Dirty Or Same Cloths Each Day. – Video

Chase Neyland-Square an Eight-grade student from Port Allen Middle School helps run “PAMs pantry”. It is a closet filled with hygiene products, clothes, shoes, and other items for children in need. Chase makes sure his friends will never run sort of clothes and other necessities.

Chase told Good Morning America, “I love organising things in the pantry sorting and distributing clothes to various people. This service makes me feel good and I believe I can make a difference in my school”.

“The pantry idea was developed from students pitching thoughts on how students can help each other in school. Students in Port Allen are mostly from less-income households. Most of the students were not able to afford nice clothes for the Eight grade graduation.” said principal Jessica Major.

Jessica major told the GMA, “We want the children to know that they have somewhere to go when they need something. We have nearly 215 children so we know them well and we try our best to help them in every possible way.” Chase helps the teachers gather and assemble things in the pantry from donations. The local donations includes shoes, jackets, football cleats, and school supplies come in great numbers.

Major said Chase help to sort the things in the pantry while she and her secretary carefully distribute things that are needed. Amanda Square, Chase’s mom is proud of her son’s service she said her son is often involved in donation activities, he has hosted dinners for senior citizens and donated nearly 700 pairs of socks for needy people.

Amanda told the GMA, “Chase has a great devotion in helping people, we are blessed to have him as our son and I always encourage him to help others.” Chase said, “I want to see more shoes filled in the closet and I have a heart for giving”.



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