14 Photos That May Challenge Your Vision a Little Bit


There are times we happen to come across pictures that are sure to make us take a second look at it or maybe even ask ourselves – what did I just see? These kinds of pictures are usually hilarious, strange, and quite remarkable. Some of these pictures are so bizarre that they might as well make you question your existence.

1. A picture that has been going viral recently is of a cat coming out of a mirror. Although it sounds very bizarre that’s not an isolated one to have gone viral.

Image credit: © smurfgerp / imgur

2. A picture of a hand holding a bottle that looks like a double-joint finger would make you think whether the knuckles are convertible.

Image credit: © schmooby / reddit

3. Another picture of this half human-dog would leave you wondering how boring your lives become.

Image credit: © phattymcpatty / imgur

4. Another picture of what looks like a woman hanging mid-air.

Image credit: © LordImgur / imgur

5. Another one was a strangely long toe that needs to be pierced so that one could put on some Jewellery on their toes to make it look beautiful.

Image credit: © emsophii / reddit

6. In a picture clicked by this couple, instead of them, the highlights were at a man in the background who looked like he was levitating.

Image credit: © aeriecircus / reddit

7. Another picture of a dog. No, ‘dogzilla’ on the beach went viral, and people couldn’t help thinking about it.

Image credit: © TragicFrenchman / reddit

8. This mirrored portal in the background that would make you confused about the direction you’re headed to, is bizarre.

Image credit: © plastictoys / imgur

9. “My jelly shoe is perfectly camouflaged with this asphalt!”

Image credit: © iamfluffybunny / reddit

10. “Bird’s eye view”

Image credit: © StepUpYourLife / reddit

11. “My BF took a panoramic photo of me while swaying to some jams.”

Image credit: © HighFunctioningCrazyCatLady / reddit

12. “I took a photo of my brother. He jumped at the right moment and it looks like he has to go because his planet needs him.”

Image credit: © WhatStartsTheHeart / imgur

13. “My son under a giant Canadian inuksuk”

Image credit: © isodbaar / imgur

14. How many paws can you count?

Image credit: © pakemonhunter / reddit


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