14-Year-Old Girl Steps In When She Spots A Stranded Boy Sitting Alone In A Parking Lot


Tionae Thomas is pleased about her 14-year-old daughter. Many people passed by a boy sitting alone in a shopping center parking lot under a tree. Tionae’s daughter, however, is not one of them. The 14-year-old girl volunteered to assist the lonely teen. And the world is praising this adorable young lady for her generosity! Tionae was driving home with her daughter.

Tionae’s daughter urged her to stop over as they drove past a shopping mall. She’d observed a young guy who appeared to be in elementary school. Under a tree, he sat alone in the parking lot on a small island.

Image credit: facebook

The girl told her mother, “It’s too hot mommy.” As a result, Tionae pulled over and her daughter jumped out of the car, asking the lonely teen where his parents were. The boy had no idea. The compassionate girl allowed the stranded boy to call his father on her phone. She then advised him to move from his perch beneath the tree to the front of a local Rite Aid. It would be safer, she assured him.

Image credit: facebook/ Tianae Conner

When the girl and her mother got back into the car, she requested that they wait until the stranded boy was picked up. She despised the idea of ab-andoning him. She also wanted to buy him some water because of the hot weather. Tionae couldn’t resist but brag about her lovely daughter, and she shared the story on social media. Love What Matters quickly shared the post and it quickly became viral. Everyone praised her 14-year-old daughter for her generosity.

Image credit: facebook/ Tianae Conner

The boy had to have caught the attention of a lot of people. Maybe they didn’t want to t-errify him so they left him alone. Perhaps they simply expected that someone else would take action. However, Tionae’s daughter was the only one who offered assistance. More details about why the boy was stuck became available after the video went viral. His parents had recently separated and their routines had become jumbled. If Tionae’s daughter hadn’t intervened who knows how long the young boy would have waited.


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