2 Teens Dr-own In Trinity River While Helping A Dad Save His Little Girl – Video


After dr-owning while attempting to save a small girl and her father from a Texas river on Sunday, two adolescents are being hailed as heroes. According to CBS station KHOU, the remains of 18-year-old Jaerson Alvarez and 17-year-old Wilmer Alexi Rodriguez were discovered on Monday morning after they went missing on Sunday evening. The two were said to have attempted to save a 5-year-old child who was suffering in the Trinity River in Liberty County, some 50 miles west of Houston.

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According to Blue Bonnet News, Abel Castellanos, the girl’s 25-year-old father, was inj*red after rushing into the ocean to fetch his daughter and was taken to a Houston emergency facility. On Monday, Liberty County Sheriff’s Capt. Ken DeFoor told reporters, “This river, in this spot, has taken many lives through the years.” “We always tell people not to swim in this area. On the surface, the river appears to be calm, yet there is always an undercurrent in this river.”

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He went on to say, “The bottom is highly uneven.” “You may step off into a hole that is 40-50 feet deep from waist-deep water.” Other risks near the river, such as alligators, underground debris, and metal, according to DeFoor, make it perilous for tourists.

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“The sandbar seems appealing, but it’s not a safe area to swim,” he remarked. “There have been several, very large wooden signs put here over the years warning of the hazards of swimming here,” DeFoor added, “but the public continues ripping them down, chopping them up, and using them for campfire fuel.” “As a result, our vocal warnings are: Don’t try to swim here.”

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Alvarez just became a parent, and both he and Rodriguez worked as bricklayers, according to Blue Bonnet News. Before diving into the river to assist the little girl, both were enjoying a day of fishing.

The remains of Alvarez and Rodriguez were discovered using sonar in around 45 feet of water, according to KHOU. Castellanos’ condition has not been updated by authorities.

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On Tuesday, a GoFundMe page was created for Alvarez and Rodriguez, with the objective of returning their corpses to Honduras for entombment. As of Tuesday afternoon, it had raised about $700. One commentator on social media said of the two, “True heroes, so many prayers for the parents, they reared true angels.”


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