20 Celebriy Couples With Visible Height Differences


When it comes to the height matching category, not all couples seem to have it all measured up. Not even celebrity couples. Some even say that there’s something about the height difference that makes couples look adorable. Here we’d want to save your time googling by giving a list of a few celebrity couples who have a significant height difference.

1) Elsa Pataky is 5’3, whereas her husband Chris Hemsworth is a perfect 6’3.

Image Credit: happyhumanity

2) Eric Johnson and his wife Jessica Simpson have a height difference of almost 12 inches.

Image Credit: happyhumanity

3) Everyone adores Shakira and Gerard Pique, but the couple has a height difference of about 14 inches.

Image Credit: happyhumanity

4) Edward Norton and his wife Salma Hayek have a height difference of 10 inches.

Image Credit: Pintrest

5) Jeff Richmond and his partner Tina Fey are of the same height, but in most award functions she looks way taller than him, thanks to her heels.

Image Credit: Pintrest

6) Mark Wahlberg is shorter than his partner Rhea Durham by 1 inch.

Image Credit: Pintrest

7) Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise might look like they have a significant height difference, but she is only 2 inches taller than him.

Image Credit: Pintrest

8) Eniko Parrish is 2 inches taller than Kevin Hart.

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9) Lisa Bonet is 14 inches shorter than her husband, Jason Momoa.

Image Credit: Oprah Daily

10) How could one miss out on the 16 inches difference between former NBA star Shaquille O’Neal, and his former wife, Shaunie Nelson.

Image Credit: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

11) Seth Green is noticeably shorter than his wife, Clare Grant.

Image Credit: Getty Images

12) Ashton Kutcher is 10 inches taller than his wife Mila Kunis, with whom he has two children.

Image Credit: Yahoo

13) Kate Middleton is slightly taller than an average woman, but she is still 8 inches shorter than her husband, Prince William, who is 6’3.

Image Credit: Elle

14) Savannah Brinson has to look up to her husband, LeBron James. Thanks to their 11-inch height difference.

Image Credit: Brides

15) Rhea Perlman and Danny Devito are seen as one of the shortest couples in the industry, but Rhea still is 2 inches taller than Danny.

Image Credit: Zimbio

16) Erin Darke and Daniel Radcliffe have a height difference of 2 inches.

Image Credit: Splash News

17) Nicole Kidman might look noticeably taller than Keith Urban, but they only have a height difference of 1 inch.

Image Credit: Demotix

18) Singer Joe Jonas and his wife Sophie Turner have a height difference of 1 inch.

Image Credit: Eonline

19) Sophie Dahl is 8 inches taller than her partner Jamie Cullum.

Image Credit: EMPICS Entertainment

20) Isla Fisher and Baron Cohen have a height difference of almost 13 inches, and that’s probably one of the many reasons they are called adorable.

Image Credit: Elle


Lieke – To all tall girls who date shorter guys, you deserve the best kind of respect in the world!

Vanessa – High differences much like age gaps don’t matter. The love between the couple is what truly matter

Shari – My grandma was 5’1, my grandpa was 6’7. The most adorable couple on Earth So I truly understand these couples in the video. Love matters.

Christian Kurt – Was really hoping there would be some couples shown where the woman was taller. I’m an inch taller than my boyfriend. I wish that was represented more.

Redchic – I’m so much more impressed with guys who don’t feel like they have to be the big person in the relationship and the actually date women that they’re on at least eye level with. Guys who date women shorter than them…. That’s just guys who have to feel like their macho and women who have a need to feel like their dating a protector.


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