22-Year-Old Man Travels 1,000 Miles To Meet 81-Year-Old He Befriended In Online Word Game – Video


A 22-year-old guy from Maryland and New York City began playing a prominent streaming word game as a pastime, never expecting that it would lead to him going over 1,000 miles and over r-cial, socioeconomic, and age divides to meet an 81-year-old lady he met through the game. Spencer Sleyon and Rosalind Guttman of Palm Beach Florida, met online this summertime through the popular Words With Friends game and built a connection over the course of more than 300 games.

Image credit: Pastor Amy Butler

Sleyon told ABC News “We started conversing through the app and she became a wonderful buddy, someone I could confide in.” While residing in Silver Springs, Maryland, he began playing. He uninstalled the app when he moved to, New York City a few months ago and was no longer able to contact Guttman. But she reappeared in his life after an acc-idental experience.

Image credit: Pastor Amy Butler

Sleyon was acquainted with the daughter of Pastor Amy Butler of Riverside Church in New York, who learned of his acquaintance with Guttman one day and instantly wished to arrange a meeting. “This was a great narrative, particularly in this very dark moment when we are being misled by fear and alienated,” Butler remarked. She phoned Guttman and traveled out to Palm Beach, Florida, with Spencer to meet her. The moment Sleyon and Guttman met they were all smiles laughter, and hugs.

Image credit: Pastor Amy Butler

“It was fantastic seeing her, “he stated. “She is beautiful and has a lovely personality.” For lunch, Guttman took him to a waterfront cafe in Palm Beach. “Talking to her was comfortable; we spoke about the game, our homes, and politics,” Sleyon explained. Words With Friends is a Zynga product, and many connections are formed as a result of it according to a company spokesman. “Every year, we receive countless stories from our gamers about the relationships they’ve made through our games, ranging from finding their partner to reuniting with relatives. “Spencer and Roz are a terrific example of the game’s progression,” said Erin Smith, a Zynga representative.

Image credit: Twitter/ Pastor Amy Butler

Sleyon’s tweet about meeting his internet acquaintance has gotten over a million likes and hundreds of reactions, including from people who have had similar experiences. “I’m delighted it was able to evoke positive feelings in so many people.” He said, “I’m grateful to be sharing optimism.” Pastor Butler said she used Sleyon and Guttman’s friendship in a sermon and hopes that others would view it as a compelling message of reaching out to those who are dissimilar across race and socioeconomic barriers.


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