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27 Fascinating Things To Learn About Meagan Good- She Told Us About Her Once In A Lifetime Encounter With Prince, And OMG.

Meagan Good has been performing and bringing life to characters onscreen for decades, and with her new drama If Not Now, When? she’s eager to show you what she can accomplish behind the screen. Meagan codirects her first feature film with Tamara LaSeon Bass, focusing on the value of friendships and looking for assistance.

Here are the 14 fascinating facts about Meagan Good that every fan of her should know:

What’s the most important lesson you’ve realized about yourself being in this profession for so long? 

There are so many things. As an actress, I’ve learned to trust my gut instincts, knowing that they’ll never be incorrect since they’re mine and unique to me. I noticed anything comparable outside of the work itself. My superpower is my genuineness. The more fearlessly I lean into myself, the more effective I can be for society. Diving into who I am has provided me with a great deal of calm, strength, and independence.

What was one activity you enjoyed doing as a youngster that you wish you could do more of now that you’re an adult?

Play and explore outdoors. I used to like going to any nooks and crannies in my area that I hadn’t seen before, or the ones that I did know, and imagining the worlds there. That is something I really miss doing. I enjoy learning new things.

Do you have a memorable audition tale to tell?

Shazam! I had no idea what I was trying out for. It was just lines from a small child with no information, and I was urged to come in and record it. “All OK,” I said. After that, I discovered it was for Shazam! “Oh, the movie with Shaquille O’Neal?” I thought. Shazam!” “Oh my gosh, this is great!” I said after doing my due diligence.

Was there a film or television show that motivated you to pursue acting?

Halloween 4 and Halloween 5 are two separate events. Jamie, Michael Myers’ niece, was the little girl I longed to be. I used to think thrillers and horror movies were fantastic when I was younger. Outside of love, the sensation they’re feeling is one of the most intense you can feel as a human being.

Did you do any of the stunts yourself in the movie?

I attempt to execute all of my own stunts whenever possible. Anything I’m capable of, I just do it. I just have a lot of fun with it. I don’t want to be on the side of anyone’s aircraft in the air, but I’ll do almost anything else. Definitely!

What do you think the most common misperception about you in Hollywood is?

People are often sh-ocked that I am pleasant. People have also expressed amazement that I’m so normal, though I’m not sure what they mean by that. But, on the other hand, I do since I’ve met some fascinating people in Hollywood. I’m thinking, “Isn’t it obvious that this industry isn’t real? Don’t trust the hoopla you’ve created for yourself. It’s not a true story.”

If Not Now, When? will be released today. Which sequence did you enjoy sh-ooting the most?

I appreciated the point where Suzanne, played by Mekia Cox, revealed that the s-plit began because she was ashamed about what was happening in her own life. That was very effective and well-done, in my opinion.

What is the most striking resemblance between you and Tyra?

The notion that she was so tough with herself and thought like she had to bear so much on her own was probably the cause. Because I’m used to taking care of so much, I sometimes hesitate to call for assistance.

In addition, mental health is a prominent issue in the film. Why did you feel it was vital to create a project on obtaining professional assistance in times of cr-isis?

We don’t talk about it nearly enough. People are dy-ing as a result of mental illness, and we’re debating whether or not they had a knife. It’s a topic that isn’t discussed enough, especially among African-Americans. I believe the subject is beginning to open up, but I believe we must continue to explore it fearlessly in order for people to feel and realize that they can discuss psychological health without feeling ashamed.

What’s the craziest fan tale you’ve ever heard?

Yes, I’ve witnessed a few things. People have done bizarre things to me, including sneaking into my hotel suite and placing bouquets on my bed, as well as forming a crowd and pursuing me through a mall. But I believe that if you can inspire or encourage others in any manner, you have something to be grateful for.

What was the first rumor you heard about yourself?

Someone once mistook me for a d-rug user in the bathroom when, in fact, I had just gotten into a phone disagreement with a buddy and had gone to the restroom weeping. People suspected I was on d-rugs as I exited the restroom because I was acting strangely.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming a celebrity?

The worst is when people say unpleasant things or make snide conclusions about me, even if they don’t know me. The best: when you can inspire someone and be useful, and when you can contribute little to the world that can assist someone on their journey.

Have you developed any new interests or abilities as a result of the pan-demic?

I’m going to cook some more. I’m a competent chef, but the epidemic taught me how to make gumbo, curry, eggplant parmesan, and a variety of other dishes. It’s merely time to broaden their perspectives.

What’s the finest piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?

It’s fine to be selfish occasionally. My experience has been that you give of yourself to the point that you started feeling drained or exhausted. It took a long time to realize that you can’t let anyone use you each and every time.



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