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6-Year-Old Girl Finds Olympic Gold Medal, Returns It To Owner – Video

While out on a stroll with her father in Atlanta, a 6-year-old girl discovered an Olympic gold medal in a pile of garbage on the roadside. When someone br*ke into former slalom canoeist Joe Jacobi’s automobile last month in Atlanta, the medal was lost. Jacobi won the gold at the 1992 Summer Olympics in Barcelona.

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On June 17, Chloe Smith discovered the gold medal among shrubbery and rubbish, according to her mother, Charlmonique Cunningham. Cunningham characterized her daughter as “a very curious, very feisty 6-year-old” who is constantly picking up bright objects. Cunningham remarked, “She’s constantly scooping up stuff, always finding things.” “She and her father are continually bringing stuff home.”

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Cunningham first dismissed the award as “trash.” “Her father recognized it right away. He’d been watching the news, “she stated “He was aware that the medal had been taken,” says the narrator. Cunningham said she was doubtful at first, but she did some research on the medal and contacted Jacobi through email with photos of the discovered medal.

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Jacobi was given the medal after verifying that it was his. He couldn’t say anything “she stated Cunningham said it took some persuasion to get the girl to return her prized possession, but after Chloe spoke with the Olympian on the phone, she politely agreed to return it. Jacobi gave her a $500 prize and offered to pay her a visit in the autumn.

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He expressed his gratitude to Chloe and her family for locating and returning the medal. “I’ve met the parents, and they’re fantastic people. They’re wonderful folks “Jacobi spoke with ABC News.

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“When it comes to character and doing the right thing, that girl embodies many of the Olympic principles. Chloe, in my opinion, exemplifies and embraces all Olympic principles. She is an Olympian in every meaning of the term, in my opinion.”



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