How This 8-Year-Old “Superhero” With A Heart Of Gold Raises Over $50k To Help Homeless Veterans In Need – Video


An 8-year-old kid from Maryland is assisting veterans in regaining their footing one care box at a time. Tyler Stallings felt motivated to help veterans in need when he was four years old, his mother, Andrea Blackstone, told Good Morning America.

Tyler had seen a few web movies about veterans at the time, which Blackstone had showed him to educate him on what some of his ancestors who had served in the military had done. Soon after, they stumbled upon a video about veterans experiencing homelessness.

“He watched footage of veterans carrying placards and no one responding to their cries for aid, and he sensed something was wrong. Blackstone said, “He didn’t like it.” “If they’re heroes, why are they on the street?” he wondered. Tyler had intended to build dwellings for the vets using supplies purchased from a hardware shop, but Blackstone instead called Governor Larry Hogan, who awarded Tyler a $100 stipend to put to good use.

However, Tyler’s one-time donation grew into a four-year endeavor. He quickly joined the Maryland Center for Veteran Education and Training and became an activist for veterans’ challenges after their duty was completed. “It was meant to be a one-time occurrence,” Blackstone told GMA. “But it developed into an all-the-time activity.” Tyler then devised the concept of “Hero Bags,” which are backpacks stuffed with clothes, toiletries, food, and blankets that he could distribute to homeless veterans.

“When my mother mentioned we wouldn’t be able to build houses for the veterans, I came up with the concept of giving them Hero Bags,” Tyler said in a GoFundMe interview. “The bags contain clothing, shoes, food, toiletries, soap, a toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizer, shaving cream, and sanitizer – everything a normal person requires.” Tyler has raised more than $50,000 for homeless veterans through his contribution website and other ways since being motivated four years ago.

“It was difficult for some people to take a four-year-old seriously at first,” Blackstone said on GoFundMe. “It took me a long time to find a refuge where he could come in and help. When shelters like MCVET eventually did, he was welcomed with open arms.” “It’s lovely to have a kid in such a setting,” she continued. “To reward individuals for their service, we’d send them relief goods with toiletries and grooming goods, and they’d take anything they needed.”

Tyler still wants to achieve more, despite the fact that he has accomplished so much. “They should receive the stuff they need because of all the excellent things they’ve done for our nation,” Tyler told GMA of his efforts. “When they have a joyful reaction, it makes me feel really happy and satisfactory.”


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