9 Tips That Can Make Your Pregnancy Much Easier


Pregnancy is a wonderful phase of life when you feel different types of emotions that are hard to explain. Sometimes you feel extremely depleted and sometimes you feel overly joyful. During pregnancy, mood changes every day along with the body, and these changes might affect you. Don’t worry, to make your pregnancy more comfortable and relaxing there are some great tips and gadgets.

So, here are nine tips or suggestions for mothers to be, that can be helpful and comforting.

1. Use inflatable rings to support your belly

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Sometimes, you want to sleep on your belly but can’t do so, because it won’t be the right posture for you.
But using an inflatable ring can be useful. Just put it on your bed and lay down on your belly.

2. Use aloe vera to dodge stretch marks.

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The appearance of stretch marks is common during pregnancy, but if you want to minimize them, you can try aloe vera extract or gel on your belly. Gently apply it and massage it for a few minutes and let it dry for around 20 to 40 minutes. Rinse with water.

3. Reuse your old clothes during pregnancy

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There’s no requirement of buying new clothes every month because they will become small as your belly is continuing to grow. In spite of buying new shirts or tops, cut the middle of the top or shirt and stitch it with another top or shirt and your new cloth is ready.

4. Do this to minimize nausea.

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There’s a technique to minimize nausea. In your inner side of the wrist. First, you need to find that spot by placing three fingers of your other hand around your wrist. Then place the thumb below your three fingers. Now, begin pressing slowly with your thumb until you feel two big tendons. Continue to put gentle pressure there and the same for the other hand.
(Note: this is not medical advice and one should check with doctors if they have any serious symptoms.)

5. Use attachable handles to support yourself when in the bathroom

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Pregnant women feel difficulty in standing up and this thing becomes more uncomfortable when in the bathroom. However, there are attachable handles available that can be used to stick on the wall and use as support to stand out.

6. But a b-ra extender.

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It’s normal that your bustline is increasing as you are pregnant. Instead of buying new br-as, just go for bra extensions that can be attached to your b-ras and they will fit perfectly.

7. Use sleep headphones.

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During pregnancy, it’s very important to get enough quality sleep. To avoid disturbance, try sleep headphones which are available in the market. It’s relaxing and has features that cancel out noise and light.

8. Get a comfortable belly supporter

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Laying on your side becomes tough and uncomfortable when your belly starts to grow. So, what you can do is get a comfortable belly supporter/ pillow which is soft and comfortable to use.
There are many such pillows available.

9. Create a belly cast to keep it with you forever.

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Pregnancy is a wonderful experience and journey and it deserves to be kept forever as a memory. You can make a belly cast and decorate it as you want. It will be so much fun to do it with your partner.


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