A Fifth Grade Teacher Found This Thoughtful Thank You Note From His Student; Thousands Have Been Moved To Tears By It


“So I got into the classroom and saw this note on my table that one of my students had written to me, and… I fo-ught so hard not to cry.” MR.J Mr. J came to school on a regular day to find a note addressed to him on his desk. Mr. J identified the letter as being from his pupil, Markus, based on the writing and the sweet signature at the end.

It’s an intense and appreciative letter that makes it seem as though everyone should live like Mr. J in order to obtain the same appreciation and approval from those we don’t anticipate. “To Mr. J, Thank you for being an excellent educator and for being wonderful! the letter reads.” This academic year was a blast, and it was all because of you. I wish there were more educators like you.

I’ll never forget who you are. I’m looking at you as if you’re my father. I’ve never met my biological father, but that’s okay since you regard me as your child. I’m ecstatic because you make me so pleased. When I’m hungry, feed me, and cuddle me when I’m unhappy. Mr. J., you will live in my heart forever.

I adore you and will always remember you. Markus felt compelled to demonstrate his inner affection for his mentor, which was not as simple as it may appear.

Everything we show the world is really a mirror of how we see the world. It lasts from conception to the end of time. Mr. J must be a lovely and energetic guy who inspires pupils to share their hearts as well. Before becoming an adolescent, it was difficult to sit down with a blank piece of paper and a pen and write out our true sentiments. Even grownups find it difficult. Mr. J is blown a-way by Marcus’ wisdom and the accounts of his appreciation, which inspire him to cherish who he is much more.

Markus describes himself as a youngster who has never met his father. He had no idea how his father’s love would affect him. Marcus had been missing those nice sentiments from the start. Mr.J forced Marcus to rediscover his inner compassion.

The teacher made no great efforts to allow the student to feel the same way. He simply did what anybody else could. While he was hungry, he fed him.

He instilled in him the value of being a decent person. While he was crying, he challenged him. Marcus was inspired as a teacher by him, and he thought he deserved to be cherished. The is far more than anyone could ever do to that kid. It’s not difficult to see how leading a simple, gentle, and empathetic life may serve as the foundation for many wonderful love tales, correct?


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