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A Norton Can-cer Patient’s Last Wish Was To Fly In A Plane. His Nurse Made It Happen – Video

Joe Booth, a 69-year-old man from New Albany, Indiana was told to stop his medications in February as his two-year struggle with prostate ca-cer was bad-looking. Booth said he was sc-ared for he is standing in the last stage of his life but, he had still one thing that he wanted to do desperately.

He states his last wish is to fly in an airplane. “I’ve never stepped on an airplane. When I was a kid I used to make models of airplanes most of the time, but I never got a chance to fly on an airplane.” Booth told Courier Journal.

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Finally, on February 25 Booth’s last wish turned real. All thanks to Tracey Hoffman, Booth’s oncology nurse who made Joe fly in a plane. He took off from Bowman Field and saw Southern Indiana and Louisville from thousands of feet in the air. “Here we are speaking about his life ending and he is worried that he has never stepped on an airplane,” Hoffman said. “I shared it on the internet and my phone began to ex-plode.” Hoffman’s social media post caught the attention of several people, more than 25 pilots volunteered to offer Booth his last flight.

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Finally, a pilot at Bowman Airport in St. Mathews made it happen after discussing it with Norton hospital. Booth said he was thrilled and nervous for his first and last flight. His closest experience with the airplane was his plastic World W-r II models plane he made by putting together with glue. Booth jokingly added, “My one wish is getting granted, however, I am also hoping for a parachute.” Booth said, “I was told to stop taking the medications and focus on living each day of life. So, I was working out in the best possible way. Dr. Rezazadeh and Hoffman have been angels in my life.”

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Hoffman said seeing Booth tackle his dream was a motivation for her as a nurse. She said, “He has gone through a lot of pain but has never complained about it. He is trying to do the best in his last days, it is something we all must do.” And in no time Booth was in the air, from there he got to see the aerial view of the Ohio River flooding that occurred the day before. He also saw the store where he made his livelihood – the Southern Indiana auto mechanic store. In addition, he also did something that most people would have not done in their lifetime. He took control of the airplane and flew.

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“It was amazing and priceless. He has never done something like that. He took over the steering wheel and flew for a moment, to me it was nice, to him it was great.” said Brain Booth. Later after flying for nearly 30 mins, they landed safely on the runway. “It was a great experience, a different world up there,” said Booth with a little short of breath.

On March 15, Booth is going to visit his doctor again and is still facing the illness. When he was asked if he had any advice for people, he just smiled. He has just accomplished a long-term task on his bucket list. “try doing as much as you can,” said Booth. “And never give up. You will see yourself walking into a hole you don’t want to be in if you do.”



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