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An Epic Reunion – Toddlers Run To Each Other To Give A Hug – Viral Video

Not everyone is comfortable enough to be able to express their feelings in public but kids, don’t know to hide their emotions.

People say that when we are distant from our loved ones, we tend to grow much fonder of them, and this is true in this incident where these two little toddlers ran to hug each other after spending a few days apart.

The video went viral and garnered many likes and comments.

Maxwell and Finnegan, two-year-old best friends who used to attend music classes together and loved spending time together, couldn’t keep their emotions hidden after they saw each other.

The toddlers from New York ran towards each other with their arms wide open to hug each other.

The video was shot by Maxwell’s father, who posted the same on social media and captioned the post – “Finnegan + Maxwell= BESTIES!!! If we could all be like this.”

Many users also went on to drop their comments about the cute best friends, and indeed little things like these are sure to cheer you up and make your day much better, and who can do it better than toddlers.



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