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Anonymous Hackers Declares Cyberw-ar Against Russia Amid Ukraine W-ar, Takes Down Government Websites. – Video

According to a Fox News report, the international hacking group, Anonymous, emerged to have announced a “cyber con-flagration” against w-r” Vladimir Putin’s government after he initiated an annexation of Ukraine. The groups which have ex-ecuted cyber seizures against both governments and associations announced on their Twitter account on February 24.

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“The Anonymous collective is officially in cyber conflagration against the Russian government,” they said. Thirty minutes later, the cyberpunks declared openly that they had toppled the website of the Kremlin-backed TV channel RT, which broadcasts in Britain and has been massively denounced for its content. The website is still inaccessible and shows an error message which reads: ‘This site can’t be reached.

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The announcement of a cyber conflagration extends the likelihood that Russia would be aimed for hacking in the looming days. Preliminary to Russia’s incursion of Ukraine on Thursday, the country’s government and banks were h-it by an enormous cyber ambush, which was expected to be held by Russia. However, people on social media responded favoring Anonymous’ vow of cyber conflagration on Putin.

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Here are some of the responses: One person commented: ‘THANK YOU! Now, work on draining their finances.’ Another one wrote: ‘You are awesome, thanks.’ ‘THANK YOU! I love you! The most beautiful thing EVER…’ many other people wrote.

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About the tweet about RT, Anonymous wrote: “The #Anonymous collective has taken down the website of the #Russian propaganda station RT News.” Earlier, they have aimed at groups such as the Ku Klux Klan and Islamic radicals. The Members of this hacking group are known as ‘Anons’ and are distinguished by their Guy Fawkes masks.

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Last year, Tesla founder Elon Musk was informed that they were planning to impair him as he has great power over the cryptocurrency markets. On Thursday, many Ukrainian government websites were c-rashed by DDoS incursions as Russian battalions boosted closer to Kyiv.

According to FOX Business, a homeland security official said that the US government is preparing for probable cyber ambushes on the nation’s economic organizations.



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