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Antonio Brown Tweets No More White Women After A-llegedly Discovering His Baby Mama Was Cheating & Plotting To Scam Him – Video

Antonio Brown, the American football wide receiver shares his views on social media continuously. His campaign NoMoreWhiteWoman has become a trending talk on the internet streets. Brown is on the waiting path as the NFL investigates the claims. Brown shared his New Year’s resolution through Twitter.

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After that, he was seen looking for 20 beautiful women for the photoshoot of his new album NoMoreWhiteWoman in his Instagram story. He wrote, “20 beautiful white women for a photoshoot of my new album Nowhitewoman.”

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Later in his Instagram account, he uploaded a campaign flyer, and cited it as album teaser” and “cabrecords.”

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The tagline “No More White Woman” perfectly fits the current chaos Brown is dealing with Chelsie Kyriss., his ex-girlfriend.

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Chelsie Kyriss is a white woman who is the mother of three of Brown’s children. The coupled relationship has seemingly ended and Brown is asking her to move out of his property.



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