Baby Left With Mother’s D-ead Body For Nearly A Week: Court Papers


A toddler just 15 months old had to spend five days alone with her mother’s corpse inside a city homeless shelter, the kid’s father contends the same in scare court papers. On July 25, Lyric Laboy was found huddling under the bed near the corpse of her mother, Shelbi Westlake, 26. The workers at the East River Family Centre found the little girl huddling under the bed in such a bad scenario.

According to the city Medical Examiner’s office, Shelbi lost her life due to an accidental overdose.

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The toddler was immediately taken to the hospital as she was badly dehydrated and her body was covered with human ordure. According to a Manhattan Supreme Court petition filed by the toddler’s father. Quraan Laboy, 31 has planned to petition the department of homeless services and the city for $5 million in damages. The agency denied that Lyric stayed alone for 5 days but still they didn’t explain how long he was left alone.

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The case is under investigation and the agency said, adding the shelter is now needed to perform same-night wellness checks for the residents who didn’t sign the nightly roster. Although the little girl was rushed to the hospital she has not recovered completely. Laboy said, “As she is separated from her mother she has a lot of separation eagerness. I don’t know how long the suffering will continue.” Little Lyric has lost nearly seven pounds during the tormenting ordeal and now she always sticks with her father.

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Laboy’s attorney Seth Harris said,” the toddler has been smack his father repeatedly while he is sleeping to make sure he lives,” Shelbi and her daughter Lyric have been living alone in an apartment-like unit at 325 E situated in 104the St, in Manhattan. The mother and the child have spent about three to four months alone in the apartment as Shelbi and Laboy were separated, Harris said. According to a legal paper, no one realized that Shelbi had depart until one resident filed a report stating that an awful odor has been coming out of her unit. Laboy’s other attorney Allison Keenan added, “The mother had signed in at the shelter on 19 July and it’s nearly six days before her corpse was found.”

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“It’s absolutely wonderful that the 15 months old baby is alive,” Harris said of Lyric. Keenan said, “Allowing a toddler to stay alone with the mother’s corpse for five days without noticing it, shows the indifference, the lack of humanity, and complete malfeasance by the New York City and the Department of Homeless Services. After six months Lyric father said, Lyric has regained the weight she lost, but still cries every night for her mother.

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He said, “She wakes up in the middle of the night always, she’s struggling, she’s kicking saying, mommy.

I tear up sometimes while looking at her.” “After the incident, she had dreadful diaper rash and it is not completely recovered,” He added. To take care of his daughter completely Laboy had given up his job at the New York City Housing Authority. Laboy said, “Right now, she is my number one priority, so I dropped everything. My daughter is going to deal with this mentally for the rest of her life.”


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