‘Basketball Cop’ Turns Noise Complaint Into National Project – Video


With someone who knows a thing or two about basketball, a Florida Officer’s touching reaction to a noise complaint about youngsters playing basketball proved to be a slam dunk.

Image credit: Ben Tobias/Gainesville Police Department

More than 14 million people watched the video of Gainesville Officer Bobby White reacting to a report about youngsters playing “loudly” in the street by joining them in a game of basketball instead of putting them in their place.

Image credit: Ben Tobias/Gainesville Police Department

On Saturday, the four-time champion paid a surprise visit to the Gainesville Po-lice Department to thank White and assist the officer in fulfilling a pledge to “bring backup” for another pickup basketball game with the boys.

Image credit: Ben Tobias/Gainesville Police Department

After the department posted the dashcam film of White responding to the noise complaint, it quickly went viral.

Image credit: Ben Tobias/Gainesville Police Department

On Thursday, the video was posted to its social media website, with the message: “We’re going to let kids be kids.” We’ll concentrate on those who commit cri-mes.” The officer returned to the non-offence site on Saturday to challenge the kids to a rematch.

Image credit: Ben Tobias/Gainesville Police Department

“I told you I’d bring some backup, didn’t I?” “Are you people prepared?” White inquires of the children. “Take a look at these large people I came with me.”

Image credit: Ben Tobias/Gainesville Police Department

“Are you certain you can take them?” He makes a snide remark while pointing to a group of cops. That’s when Shaquille O’Neal emerges from an SUV to deliver a genuine Shaq at-ack to the youngsters.

Image credit: Ben Tobias/Gainesville Police Department

“These kids will never forget the day Shaq came up to their house to play ball,” the po-lice department stated on social media, with a video of the game.

Image credit: twitter

While a number of spellbound neighbors looked on, the cops and the “Kazaam” star played a game with the youngsters, likely without any further noise complaints.


Kevin Wish they where more super stars out there willing to help out in the community’s way to go officer white and shaq I’m sure the kids where happy you showed up

Alicia When Shaq first started his career with the Orlando Magic he was all the time doing something for kids and not for the publicity. It was just the way he was raised. It was always hard to tell who was having more fun because he always had a big smile on his face. Also after every game before he left the court he would run over and give his Mom a big hug.

Theodora So cool. Now tell me why these kids won’t be inspired to do their best thanks to the officer and Shaq!!!! God bless you guys for being examples!

Tracy No words! Just happy, happy tears!!! Love the absolute love in this video. Shaq, you’re my hero! And to the Gainsville PD….the same!! I love the instant compassion for kids that was shown in the officer’s first contact with the kids!!

Winnie Love this scene!! There are always tensions between Caucasian officers & African American youngsters, this is the perfect example, they all can get together in harmony & to have fun!! That pudgy white officer sure got some good moves!!


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