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‘Black Men In White Coats’ Is On A Mission To Show Black Boys That They Can Be Doctors Too – Video

It’s essential to constantly tell our children that they can achieve everything they set their minds to. With the Black Men in White Coats Youth Summit held in Dallas, Dr. Dale Okorodudu, a Texas physician, is aiming to do just that. The Black Men in White Coats initiative, which began in 2013, aims to boost the number of Black men who pursue professions in medicine.

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“There were some troubling statistics showing the number of Black guys applying to medical school was declining. “In 2011, there were really less than in 1978,” Dr. Okorodudu said on the organization’s YouTube page. “Our purpose is to empower the next generation of medical leaders and diversify the health industry, with a focus on black guys.”

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Students, parents, educators, physicians, and community leaders gathered at UT Southwestern Medical Center for the occasion. The children, who ranged in age from third to eighth grade, were able to interact with advisors and tools that would aid them in their pursuit of a career as a doctor. It’s an opportunity that the physicians who are taking part have learnt to value. Because medicine is such a competitive industry, Black men’s need for society is essential for success.

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“Medicine is a difficult road, but it’s one that many individuals who look like them have travelled and succeeded on.” Medicine is a lucrative, challenging, and fascinating profession. Dr. Emeka Etufugh said, “I seldom saw any Black guys when I was coming up as a resident.” “Seeing someone who looks like you may motivate you and let you realize that you can get through this system and become a physician,” she says.

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Parents were also given advice on how to assist their kids in pursuing this career route during the summit. Dr. Okorodudu deserves a pat on the back for showing our Black lads the way.



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