Cheerleader’s ‘Prom-posal’ Gets People Talking For All The Right Reasons And Will Warm Your Heart – Video


She strongly believes that “Everyone should be treated like the beautiful kings and queens.” So, she decided to ask for a prom date with her disabled friend in a wheelchair. Keyonna Moore, a cheerleader said she wanted “to show him that he matters and give him the attention and kindness that he deserves” and hold out to her special friend with the “promposal”

Keyonna Moore from Washington DC had already gone to prom but this time she wanted to go with her friend named, Tyuan Malik Barbour, who had never been to a school dance prom.

Tyuan was born with multiple disabilities and back then he was newly transferred to Anacostia High School.

Moore and Barbour became close friends in a short duration and Moore then decided to make him feel special.The viral video shows the young woman walking with a white and purple sign and balloons through her school corridor to ask Barbour the ‘big question of the season.

When Barbour, who was restricted in the wheelchair, noticed that his friend Moore was coming to him, he was excited with a blissful heart. His facial reaction was priceless and his melting heart made the “promposal” delightful and extraordinarily for the internet.

Soon, their overwhelming tale went viral on social media, and several people have come forward with different methods to support the couple to get ready for their prom dance night. Just like them, the surrounding people were also happy to witness such a heartwarming act.


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