Couple With Twins Is Expecting Again—Then Doctors Reveal Sonogram, And Husband ‘Faints’ – Video


Nia and Robert Tolbert from Waldorf, Maryland, had their first son, Shai. Four years later, Nia gave birth to twin boys Riley and Alexander. The couple originally thought they had completed their family, but a couple of years later, Nia learned she was pregnant again. In a conversation with PEOPLE, Nia said “Robert and I have always joked about having a large family, but we did not plan to have any more pregnancies after the twins.”

It was a surprise to learn their family was about to expand, but when Nia visited the doctor, what the doctor told her came as a surprise. The doctor told her that she was expecting triplets.

Now that they were going to have a large family, Nia shared the news with her husband with a gift bag, inside of which was a handwritten card along with the sonogram photos.

The card read – ‘Accept this gift from me and God.’

On learning the news, her husband was stunned and couldn’t control his happiness. He said, “I just went straight to bed.” The Tolberts have been making adjustments in preparation for the expanded family and are happily awaiting the triplets. Nia also told that their home is now going to be filled with laughter and love.

A most memorable video was taken by the couple on their journey toward an even larger family. It had been a momentous reveal as to what the triplet’s gender would be and family members could only speculate.


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