Doctors Are Beside Themselves Over Historic Pregnancy, Only Happens Once Every 480 Years – Video


This extraordinary tale is about a couple from Milovice, Czech Republic. In the beginning, they were completely unaware that at one point they will become the medium of God’s miracle and blessing. The couple named Alexandra and Antonim, already parents of a child, once again became pregnant. Happy with the good news of them being pregnant, they consulted doctors for regular checks ups and the reports were all good.

At first, everything seemed quite normal till now is about to receive dreamily surprising and historically wonderful. After a month of pregnancy, at the time of normal checkups, the doctor performed an ultrasound scan. The results declared that they are pregnant with twins. The couple had a family record of twins so this made the couple delighted but the actual tale began from here. Their doctor again requested Alexandria to escort the scan. This time results have now declared that they are about to welcome not twins but three babies.

With every ultrasound scan result, their excitement and joy touched another level. Again, next month’s ultrasound scan showed that not only three but there are four babies in her womb. Soon the Milovice couple started preparing themselves in expectation of the unique future with four babies another surprise again came in their way. Right after a month, their doctor disclosed another exciting news through their latest ultrasound scan results. The ultrasound scan showed that the couple is about to have five babies in her next delivery.

The mother of five to be, Alexandra recollected that she was so surprised with such anticipated news that she was crying. The doctor showed them the head of the fifth child in the ultrasound scan result. According to science, naturally conceived five babies were 1 out of 7 million! Again the couple started preparing themselves to welcome five babies and planned their future to raise those five babies with great health, love and care.

During the expected delivery date, their doctor invited 40 doctors and midwives to make sure everything go smoothly. Delivering Quintuplets is a challenge and the doctors are doing everything in their energy and experience to perform a historic yet healthy delivery to a blessed couple of Czech Republic. Doctor Alena who attended the delivery of the Alexandra clarified that statistically, the Czech Republic started recording the deliveries in 1949 and there was no news of such quintuplets since then. On average there, the delivery of Quintuplets happens once every 480yrs. That is some historical delivery, isn’t it?

Scientifically stating, “ Quintuplets can be Monozygotic (identical) or multi-zygotic (fraternal) or a combination of both. Identical is to have babies of the same gender while multi-zygotic is to have babies of different gender groups. Even a combination of both genders is possible. Monozygotic possibility is when a fertilized egg cracks into two or more embryos. Although, the egg can crack into more or rarely, the entire quintuplets. But the entire quintuplets of the same gender is so rare that the statistical odds calculation is also impossible.” In 2008, a polish woman supposedly gave birth to probable identical children without getting assistance from any sort of fertility d-rgs.

The first set of all-girl quintuplets is recorded in 2015, USA.

The five babies and the Mother, Alexandra are healthy and happy. She gave birth to They four boys and a girl. And the couple sweetly named them: Deniel, Michael, Alex, Martin, and the girl as Tereza. The couple was very happy although their life must have been quite busy taking care and raising five babies at the same time.


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