Dr. Dre’s Ex-Wife Claims She Unemployed & Struggling With Only $1M In Bank, Calls LA Sheriff To Collect Money From Him – Video


The div-orce settlement between Dr. Dre and Nicole Young is still causing friction. The couple has been in the news for more than a year as they try to s-plit their possessions and strike a deal. Despite the fact that the judiciary eventually found in Young’s favor, she recently claimed that Dre is refusing to budge or cooperate with her and her team.

She still hasn’t received her due from him. After 24 years of marriage, Nicole Young and Dr. Dre asked for a divorce in July of 2020. Young claims their marriage was disrespectful and one-sided, with Dre straying and looking after other females. Young went so far as to try to get the ladies to testify in court claiming that Dre was using them to hide money while buying them properties in cash.

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The three ladies, on the other hand, chose not to appear. Young claims that she and Dre did not have a formal prenuptial agreement. She al-leges he tore up their prenuptial agreement as a sign of affection early in their relationship, leaving it invalid and worthless. As a consequence, she believes she is entitled to half of everything.

Dre disagrees claiming that he signed a prenuptial agreement hours before their marriage in 1996. Young claims Dre is holding his feet in making payments despite the fact that they ultimately reached an agreement in their separation.

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Nicole Young claims Dr. Dre is in contempt of court for neglecting to pay her legal expenses, according to court records published by numerous news outlets this week. Because his ex-wife is presently jobless, the judge ordered Dre to pay $1,550,000 to reimburse her legal bills. Nicole Young is said to have only $1 million in the bank and no new funds. Young and her staff claim that Dre is just failing to pay and that he has missed his de-adline of September 30th to provide the funds. He has only paid $325,433 so far. Dr. Dre and his team have also indicated that they want to appeal the court’s order to have him reimburse the legal expenses, which is most likely why he quit paying.

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“Andre does whatever he wishes because he is an incredibly entitled and well-funded litigant who intends to inflict vengeance on his ex-wife by economically eviscerating her and leaving her without legal assistance in this matter,” Young’s camp said in a statement. She believes he is being “rude,” and that the judiciary is allowing him to continue acting in this manner. She claims that she will suffer if the courts do not interfere since it is difficult for her to fi-ght off a person with such vast riches.

Due to Dre’s unwillingness to pay, Young is now seeking an extra $4 million in legal expenses as a result of the delay in payment. Nicole’s counsel claims that “Andre possesses huge amounts of money whereas Nicole has no means from which to pay expenses.” “The entire record is loaded with proof of Andre’s economic advantage.” Despite the fact that they were in court Dre was ordered to pay alimony and child support to Young in order for her to maintain her existence.

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It was revealed in July of this year that he was paying her about $300,000 per month in spousal support. Benefits were to “remain in the same way until the person receiving assistance remarries or engages into a new legal union either party’s de-ath, or until the further direction of the court,” according to court documents. While that may appear to be a large sum, Young initially requested $2 million every month.

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“The support order is commensurate with what he has previously been paying since the original s-plit and is a portion of the $2 million per month Nicole and her lawyers requested,” a source close to the issue stated. Young had Dr. Dre served with legal paperwork at his grandmother’s fu-neral according to reports. Dre was said to be enraged and refused to accept the papers, which were al-legedly left at his grandmother’s ce-metery.


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