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Fedex Delivery Driver At The End Of His Shift Rescues Little Boy From Car C-rash – Video

Damien Rose, a FedEx truck driver, was done with his work for the day and was about to go back home when he happened to notice something weird. He saw two cars go up in sm-ke and understood there was an acc-dent that occurred and wanted to do something about it.

Sundry Photography/Getty Images

He ran to see what was happening and that’s when he heard someone asking to get the kid out of the car and realized there was a kid stuck in it.

Image credit: Screenshot/ youtube

Damien quickly ran towards the car and was able to pull the kid out safely. He then tried to save another woman stuck in one of those cars but despite his constant efforts he couldn’t open the door.

Image credit: Screenshot/ youtube

He said he just wanted to ensure that nobody leave this world and eventually waited till the emergency services arrived.

While the survivors thanked him, he said he just did something very normal and said that he was the one who felt grateful after doing that.

Image credit: Screenshot/ youtube

The story went viral and people all over the internet have been pouring in their appreciation for this driver who went out of his way to help people.



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