Florida Deputy Delivering Baby After Pulling Over Speeding Car – Video


Robert Pounds is a deputy traffic po-lice in Florida who has been a member of law enforcement for about 26 years. Like any other day, Robert was on his duty and at 4:00 have he noticed a car that was speeding over the permitted speed limit. He stopped the car and pulled the man driving the car out.


Wilfred Jean-Louis on being enquired told Robert that he cannot stop him since his wife was about to deliver a baby anytime soon. Robert could also hear Wilfred’s wife scream in the back seat in labor pain. Although Roberts thought this story was cooked until he saw the head crowning. Robert immediately took a blanket down and helped Wilfred’s wife deliver their baby.


In the viral video, Wilfred can be heard telling Roberts that he wasn’t lying and that he cannot be stopped because his wife was in labor and she had a baby coming out. Wilfred had to call out for help, and Robert went and got some gloves and a blanket. A few minutes later, Robert was seen delivering the baby to Wilfred. The couple named their little girl Leila Robert Jean-Louis in honor of the officer who helped them deliver their child.


Robert said that although he was very sc-ared to deliver the baby it was his training that helped him. He also spoke about how then baby gripped his forefinger that made him feel better and eased the situation. Robert did not file any case against Wilfred, and he wrote that Wilfred was given any citations due to the circumstances. Wilfred along with his wife and child left for the hospital in an ambulance shortly after the incident.


Deidre The driver is so respectful “you have every right to pull me over sir”, such a lovely young man

NicolaThe dad was surprisingly calm.. Well done to him because the last thing a woman in labour needs is a man that’s in bits..

Marie That’s something officers have to learn, how to deliver a baby. Was told this from my husband who was an officer. That’s wonderful. A new baby girl. Hope this officer stays n touch. That’s a bond right there n the making.

Lisa Now, this is how life should be. This was truly a wonderful event. I love these types of stories.

Chyna The fact that he’s an officer in a state that has a high rate of discriminative officers just makes me more appreciative as an outsider that he helped Truly love this man.


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