Florida Man Proposes To Girlfriend With Engagement Ring Stolen From Other Girlfriend: Police


Joseph Davis, a 48-year-old from Florida, is in want by authorities after he stole the engagement ring from one of his girlfriends to give it to another girlfriend. He used different names while talking to both the girlfriends and introduced himself as Marcus Brown and to the other as Joe Brown.

Image credit: Volusia Sheriff’s Office

Joseph is said to have met the women through dating websites. The first girlfriend is from Orange City, and she has been dating Joseph since 2015 and learned about the reality of her boyfriend being in a relationship with another woman through social media.

Image credit: Volusia Sheriff’s Office

Eventually, she found out that in a picture the woman had posted, she was seen wearing the first girlfriend’s ring and when she checked her jewelry box, she found out that her wedding ring and other jewelry was missing and that’s when she found out that Joseph had stolen it from her to gift the other woman. She said that she lost about $6270 worth of items.

Image credit: Global Times Nigeria

She then contacted his second girlfriend, who lives in Orlando, who said that she was dating Joseph since 2016. On being told about him, she found out that even her laptop and jewelry were stolen after joseph moved out of her place. Both the women filed a comp-aint against Joseph. Joseph had also been caught by authorities earlier for multiple offe-ses and had faced ch-arges.


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