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Fury As Mom Makes Her Son Do Push-Ups On Public Bathroom Floor As Pu-nishment – But Others Love Her Tough Style – Video

A viral social media post and some pushups have created a surprising friendship between two women. Yes! You read it right, Texas women, Molly wooden, and Nicki Harper Quinn become friends through a post on social media that includes nothing much but just some pushups. The mother of two, Molly wooden took her children to the Hobby Lobby bathroom in K-lleen and en-countered a 10-year-old boy t-roubling his mother.

To teach him some good behavior, the mom made his son do 10 pushups. Molly took a picture of this to show her husband.

Image credit: Facebook/Molly Wooden

Later she post the picture on social media and wrote, “I was in awe”. She also added this message to her 950 social media friends,” As your son gave you the back talk of the century, you stayed cool and collected.” Molly then concluded the post by writing, “Random woman of Hobby Lobby, continue rising the boys right, I love you.” Her followers were amazed and they started sharing, soon the post spread over the internet and it has been shared more than 40,000 times. But the interesting part is that some parents got the right meaning of the post, Molly says,” I am so proud that some parents still got it”.

Image credit: CNN

Soon, the two women got acquainted through social media. The other woman named Nick Harper Quinn or the pushup mother is from Copper Cove. She came to know about her photo with her son blowing the internet through her old friend in Georgia. Quinn tells the post, “I was surprised when I knew that the picture went viral. I knew we were onto something but this was something bigger than me. It started up a debate and a conversation that made everyone think out of the box in terms of discipline.”

Image credit: facebook

Quinn first reached out to Molly on social media to say thanks. Then the next day molly called her and said. “‘Am I on speaker phone? Because I’m going to start cussing! HOLY F! What is going on here?!’ Then the two women met in person at Starbucks on Friday. Quinn says, “I b-urst into t-ears immediately and hugged her and said “thank you for not shaming me. Molly and I are getting along and we are working on how to move from here.” Their random meet-up would create something bigger. The two are planning to design T-shirts and Quinn has started a blog.

Image credit: The Sun

But, Quinn states that her 10-year-old son finds is embarrassed by his new fame revolving around him doing pushups, she later explained to the boy, “everyone in the world loves him very much and they all want to see him do better. “Said Quinn.

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Moly on the other on has planned to keep off the pushup pu-nishment for her kids, as they are young. Molly has two kids one is 19 months old and the other is 4-years old. She says, “They are not up to age now, Taking their toys away is just enough for now!”



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