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Garbage Men Spot Suspicious Car – What They Did Next Saved An Ab-ducted 10-Year-Old – Video

Jalisa Lasalle, a 10-year-old girl went missing from her home in New Iberia. Her family quickly made sure that they reported the incident, and the investigating authorities realized she was in some trouble. They immediately issued an amber alert which described the car that probably was used to carry on the act. It was assumed to be a grey Nissan Altima.

The information reached people, and the next morning two Sanitation Workers named Brandon Antoine and Dion Merrick were on their regular duties when they happened to see a silver car parked in between a patchy green grass.

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Dion felt something was wrong and told Brandon something was off with the car being parked unusually. The car looked exactly like the one that was described by the authorities in the alert. The men were smart enough to quickly react. They blocked the car with their truck from leaving the field. They then called 911.

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Within minutes, the officer were able to arrive at the location and found Jalisa in the car along with her c-ptor, a 33-year-old man named Michael. The officers appreciated the men for their heroic act that saved a little girl. Dion said that he also has a daughter of the same age as Jalisa and so wanted to save her. Dion and Brandon’s employer, the CEO of Pelican, applauded them for the act. A lot of people on social media appreciated both men.

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Most often, we come across something that needs our attention but we ignore it not knowing the same situation might befall us someday. However, these two men proved that humanity still exists by not ignoring when they saw something unusual but rather stepped in to help and that saved a little girl’s life.



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