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Girl Asks Server ‘Why Is Your Skin So Dark?” – Before Mom Can Stop Her, Woman Responds Beautifully – Video

Mrs. Cynthia has been part of our lives for years. My little girl Holland remembers her bringing apple juice and raisin bread to the corner spot at the Waffle house. Holland always smiles broadly when she saw Mrs. Cynthia. A year passed and we become close with Mrs. Cynthia, we started sharing our life journey.

We came to know about her family, where she was from, and her daily life. She boosts me when I’m exhausted, and refills my coffee. I wrote most of my books along her side. We even prayed for each other, I prayed for her son and she prayed for my br-ast can-cer.

I indeed love Mrs. Cynthia but my little girl lovers her more than anyone else. Holland celebrates her 1st, 2nd, and 3rd birthday parties at the Waffle house. Ms. Cynthia always keeps our treat ready when our car reaches the parking lot. Our treat includes a waffle, crispy bacon, chocolate chips, and her perennial smile. For nearly two years, the song “let it go” was played at the waffle house when we arrived. Holland dances with Cynthia, Rica, and Kia to the music played.

They used to lift her, and dance ballet around the restaurant. I took pictures of them and enjoy seeing them singing and dancing their hearts outs. But by this year Holland had decided she was too old for the crazy stuff, it broke my heart and Mrs. Cynthia’s too.

The unusual bond between them is very strong, simple, and easy. Every snap of them describes the purity that builds the relationship. But as kids grew their curiosity increases, their brain starts to spin steadily, every minute they pop up a new question. Sometimes their questions cannot be even answered by parents. And no one dares to control it, not even a bit. Today Holland’s curiosity turns over to Mrs. Cynthia. My little girl’s eyes followed Mrs. Cynthia as she walked away to help other customers. She was keenly watching her and it was not her usual behavior. It was clear that she was thinking about something and she started staring with her eyebrows furrowed.

But she zipped her mouth until Mrs. Cynthia returned, and when she came back and sat with us she placed her little hands around Mrs. Cynthia and asked ‘I want to have dark skin like yours and why is your skin so dark?’. I was stunned by my little girl’s questions on race. These days xenophobia is a common and fragile topic but my daughter presented her questions delicately without affecting Mrs. Cynthia’s emotions. Usually, I forbid my kids from talking about such topics, I silence them before the words come out of their mouths. But my little girl was very fast and I was left speechless.

Before I open my mouth and shush Holland, Mrs. Cynthia ladled my baby and said “it is because God has made everyone different! Isn’t that wonderful?!’ My baby girl agreed with her and nodded her head. Then she asked her if I had dark skin like yours we both can dress up like Tiana! Cynthia laughed loudly and said, “you can dress up like Tiana any time, dear’.

Then she started working on the next task. Recently, I came across race-related news and scrolled through the comments. I found several fierce debates and conversations. Some people claim that xenophobia doesn’t exist while others state that everyone is a xenophobia.

Everyone’s opinion on xenophobia varies but at the core, it is obvious that Human beings are born different, my little girl notices the difference between a white woman and a black woman. We must acknowledge the fact that the difference is already there and our kids are noticing it. Honestly knowing about the difference is not an insult. We must teach our children to appreciate the way God has created everyone, whether the difference is based on religion, nationality, and race.

Today I was stunned when my daughter talked about race. I was afraid I was going to mess up. But I realized fear is just a liar and silence is the best teacher. Mrs. Cynthia’s grace and wisdom taught me a lot. I have decided not to stop my kids from questioning the world around them. Silencing them on the fragile topic was not a smart move, I will let them know that difference is not a taboo topic. I will guide them with the simple words from Mrs. Cynthia “God made everybody different. And isn’t that wonderful?” Well! It is absolutely wonderful Mrs. Cynthia.



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