God-Fearing Actor Denzel Washington Warns About Spiritual Warfare In The Last Days


Denzel Washington, a devout Christian, offers some sound advice on spiritual battle and the end times. And what he has to say is quite profound! Denzel Washington, a devout Christian, understands that Christ must come first. However, that way of thinking runs counter to the self-centered nature of social networking. That’s why Denzel Washington, a two-time Academy Award winner, is alerting people about the dan-gers of ego.

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Nowadays, both young and old generations are allowing social media and the internet to have a significant impact on their life. Denzel Washington, a self-described “God-fearing guy,” tells us that God’s Word is the sole source of truth. “This is a spiritual battle,” says the narrator. As a result, I’m not approaching it from an earthly standpoint,” he explained. “If you don’t have a spiritual mentor, you’ll get tossed around by the wind and end up dep-essed.” It’s a risky game to seek approval on social media. Denzel Washington, the actor, used a Biblical prism to examine the world’s increasingly destructive “me first” mentality.

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The Christian celebrity stated, “The enemy is the inner me.” “The Bible says we’ll be admirers of oneself in the last days – I’m not sure whether it’s the last days; it’s not my position to know but it says we’ll be lovers of ourselves. “We live in a time where people will go to any length to get being followed,” Denzel explained. “How does too much knowledge affect you in the long or short term?” It’s moving quickly, and it can be controlled in a variety of ways. And folks are herded into slaughterhouses like sheep.”

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In speaking out against social media’s influence, Denzel Washington is not the first Christian celebrity. Joanna Gaines has spoken out about the constraints of social media and how it has begun to deprive her of joy. Kirk Cameron was inspired by the situation to create a documentary that educates parents about the positive and bad effects of social networking. According to actor Denzel Washington, the motive is to use social media as a tool rather than a mechanism of defining our self-worth. Keeping our gaze fixed on Christ is the best way to avoid the traps of social networking sites.

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Nothing on earth can compare to what awaits us in Heaven, no matter how much success or admiration we receive. That’s where we’re going to set our sights. Actor Denzel Washington said Heaven would have two lines – the long one and the short one, and he would like to be in the short one. For many people, checking in on social networking sites and posting their status has become a daily ritual. However, we would be served better if we used that time to recover our spiritual batteries through worship, Bible reading, or other Christ-centered activities on a daily basis.

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Denzel explained, “You have to fill up that bucket every morning.” “It’s a tough world out there.” In the morning, you walk out of the house. They’re on their way, chipping away. You’ll need to reload that bucket at the end of each day. We know what’s right and what’s wrong.” A Hollywood star making such faith-filled statements is an inspiring sight! There are so many temptations in this society, and Christian superstar Denzel Washington’s compelling message is yet another good reminder to put Christ first!


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