‘He Heard Me And He Helped Me’: Good Samaritan Reportedly Rescues Woman Found Ch-ained And Ab-used – Video


A Samaritan became the lifesaver of this Chicago-based woman in the most unlikely circumstances. He was like the woman’s guardian angel because he rescued her from the misuse of a abductor. The woman was carry off, misuse, and locked in an empty room, and after hearing her cry a Good Samaritan saved her from the clutches of her captor.

On May 21, a 36-year-old woman was found by a local activist named Antione Dobine in an unoccupied house with her ankles tie. The house was situated in the 119th block of South Eggleston, West Pullman Area of the Windy City. The identity and the name of the woman were concealed by the officers.

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Around 5:30 p.m.in the evening, The Hands Around the Hundreds community stakeholder heard her crying out for help and to free her from the nightmare he called the cop. The cop says the woman was homeless and she knew the man who carry off and put away her for five days. The woman met the man at a local store and that particular chance proved to be sad, as stated by WGN 9. She said, “I strike into him coincidentally and he was like, ‘you know, come here a moment.” When she came near, the man snatch her and forced her into captivity.

The woman said she tried her best to resist but she couldn’t escape.

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She said, “I tried to brawl him, but I couldn’t brawl him.” The woman said that the man took her to a house and tie her. He se-xu-ally smack her twice and left her tie and cuff in the unoccupied house. She further added that the man first put her in the basement and later he pull her to the attic and then to the bedroom upstairs where the officers found her. Both Dobine and the woman state that the man was around 60 years old and 5’8’’ in height. They also saw the man wearing a corduroy jacket.

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Dobine also known as D-Ice saw the man leaving the house before hearing the woman cry. “When I get closer, I heard the sound of thump, boom, boom, boom, help!” Dobine said. “She was yelling out for help and I went there and asked “who is there with you?” and added few more questions. After that, I called 911 immediately.” “I waited for the officers to arrive and when they go enter the house they found the woman tie and cuff, he told NBC News.

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Apart from calling the CPD he also went live on Social media and shared what he discovered he informed the social media community, “ I found a girl inside the house and officers say she is tie up.” Then the officers rescued her and immediately took her to the hospital. After receiving medical assistance the woman spoke to the press saying she was thankful for Dobine’s timely help, she said he could have just walked out but he stepped in to help her, and she convey her gratitude to Dobine.

She states that she has been crying out for help for days. Others also confirmed that they heard the voice but they never stepped forward to investigate.

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The woman said, “He could have just walked out ignoring me but he heard me and helped me, I’m truly blessed.” This made the community residents clean up the neighborhood as vacant houses and buildings could be treacherous. According to the neighbors, the house where the incident happened was unused was nearly 25 years. One of the community residents, Louis Walton Muhammed said,” this calls out for an effort to take action.” He proposed to open the unused house to make sure everything is fine and then lock it up for good.

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Dobine suggests refurbishing the properties into restored spaces that would solve several problems related to unreserved populations. For that he insists to see a budget, he said, “If you have the money, you could have all those entities needed to build our community and it’s all about developing the community.” Patricia Parnell a Community member told the press that she knew the suffer saying she has helped her before. She said, “ I feel like I have seen her, I gave her water, food, and some other stuff, I believe I had a talk with her in the past.”

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The Chicago po-lice are looking out for the assailant however he is still not captured, the officers are trying their best to get hold of him and lock him up. The chief of Detective Brendan Deenihan said, “we are working with the woman to get a clear picture of the man and we will surely do our best and obviously we would detain him.” The suffer said she want the man to be caught not just to get justice but to secure others.

She said, “I believe he will hit again and I just want him caught.”


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