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Heartwarming Moment Sees Boy, 8, Holding C-rying Au-tistic Classmate’s Hand On First Day – Video

Conner Crites is an 8-year-old boy, an au-tistic child. The first day of school was so overwhelming for him. He started to c-ry until a new kid came to him and held his hands. This cutest thing dashed the internet and reached the hearts of millions. His Mother, April Crites, is te-rrified that other students can pick on Conner’s au-tism, she says ” I fear every day that Others are going to laugh at him because he doesn’t speak correctly, or laugh at him because he doesn’t sit still or because he jumps up and down and flaps his hands.” But the little bit of kindness from the other student made April feel secure about her son.


On the first day of the school reopening, The sudden change of environment is too much for Conner, who starts c-rying and goes into the corner. When another 8-year-old student, Christian Moore, looked at the kid c-rying in the corner, went up to him, held his hand, and made him feel comfortable. Christian hadn’t left his hands until Conner felt normal.

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This incident happened at the starting day of the academic year in Minneha Core Knowledge Elementary School in Wichita, Kansas. Christian’s mother, Courtney Moore, posted the picture of Christian holding hands with Conner at school’s entrance, c-rying with his head down and hands holding the Lunch Bag. The Social media post that contains this compassion got shared and made many people admire them.

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Christian and Conner become good friends from then. They stick together. Invite each other to their homes. Christian doesn’t think Conner has au-tism. He thinks Conner is different than others and has its specific ways on everything. Conner likes Christian so much. He is even grateful for Christian and remembers how he made him feel on his bad day. ” I was on the first day of school and I started c-rying. Then He(Christian) helped me and I was happy”

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April Crites is so happy that her son could make a friend in school. Now as She can be less worried and can watch him growing up with relieved eyes. April Crites, thinking about his child with au-tism and sharing with us that nothing matters in the world. The color, gender, disability, and every difference don’t matter. And asks everyone to be kind and open their heart like Christian. It is the most important in the world.


Karen Children are so precious. Their innocence is so pure. Sad that innocence fades from experiencing bad things. I honestly try to live through a child’s eyes. I try to not see color, race color r even gender. We are all creations of God. Anything that breathes should be loved.

David Christian knows what’s it’s like to be different because of his speech troubles. The fact that he payed his own turmoil forward into improving the situation of another person speaks to the depth of his character.

Khanyisile Christian’s mother, Courtney, is doing a stellar job at raising him. Plenty of love, patience, truth and kindness.

Gabriel That boy is a result of a momma who demonstrates love unconditional. Therefore, the child will do as such.

kiwilandernz Young man has a bright future if he treats another human being with compassion, kindness and dignity now.



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