Housekeeper And Single Mom Is Hired To Clean A Huge House Before A Party But Freaks Out When She Sees Them Moving Her Stuff In – Video


Maid Thinks She’s Cleaning ‘Important Person’s House Until She Sees Them Moving Her Stuff In For the 36-year-old Cara Simmons, single mom, life has been incredibly testing. She has been working through many shifts to support her family. Cara Simmons, a cleaning lady and single mom from Cleveland Ohio, never took a day off or vacation.

Her schedule is becoming more loaded as she is trying to keep up with the financial demands of her three children. Many times, she was hospitalized because of her stomach ulcer and all because of her hard work.

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Recently, she received the biggest surprise of her life which forced her to put down her mop and pick up the champagne glass. Recently she received a surprise visit from Prank It Forward which is an organization, dedicated to doing ‘pranks for good’. Cara Simmonswent to a house to clean it and was secretly filmed and thenshe was told that this four bedroom property was hers to keep ‘forever.’ For the first few seconds, she was surprised and lost her words and the only thing she could say was “thank you”. Cara Simmons’s sister Glo Nicholson, explained that her sister, well-deserved the treat.

She said, “Cara is an amazing person, an amazing sister, she’s selfless, she works hard.

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She’d give you the shift off your back.” Later her boss, Marry Jo also agreed that Cara deserved the treat. Her boss Marry Jo and Cara’s sister were the ones who called the organization, Prank It Forward and nominated Cara for it. Marry Jo said, “She gives her all, to her work and her family. Cara has struggled. financial concerns. always trying to make ends meet.” She has also been suffering from exhaustion for the past few months which has led to many medical bills, being stacked up. Cara was told by Marry Jo that she would be visiting an important client.

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Cara didn’t know about the setup and when she arrived at the house, she met a client, an actress from Prank It Forward. She told Cara that the place has been already cleaned up and then asked her to sit at the dinner table to taste the gourmet meal. Cara tucked into a menu trimmed with lobster, truffle and finished with a spot of pumpkin cheesecake and then she was asked to take a trial of four-hand massage. In the CCTV footage, she was heard exclaiming, “‘What’s going on?”

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She then started suspecting that something unusual is going on, when suddenly a removals man, another actor, Greg Benson arrived at the house with the boxes of her possessions. He then handed her over the house keys as well. He said, “‘There’s a master bedroom here, there’s a room for every kid,”. Then Greg Benson takes off his removal man disguise.

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He continued telling her, “‘This is your home, you can stay here for your whole life, you can pass it down to your children, you can pass it down to your grandchildren, this is for you.”But the surprise didn’t end here, Cara also received an all-inclusive trip to the Riviera Maya in Mexico, so that she can see pyramids with her sister.


Glenys the part when she was eating and said “I wish somebody else can experience this with me” proved she deserved everything she got.

Evan It’s so awesome to have a home. Here is a single mother struggling to make a life for herself and her children! And now they can add the feeling of having a secure home life. It’s great to see people willing to help! Great job and best wishes to Cara and her family!

Dennis This story brought tears to my eyes, because I’m a single mom and trust me , it’s not easy for us especially when we have to odd jobs to cover the bills and keep a roof over our head. Its the love for the kids that keeps us going .

Well done with that heart melting surprise.

Amber Lyne Her facial expressions were the funniest, cutest thing ever. I watched her for 8 minutes and knew she deserved this. Enjoy your life girl

Annette Highlight for me is from her son: “You can have our ol’ house” Shows the generous spirit instilled in her children from a beautiful Mom in every sense of the world.


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