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How To Keep A Guy Interested: 16 Secrets To Get Him Hooked!

Finding the right guy can be a tough task. Once you’ve found him, you know he’s the one, and you can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with him. But having him as your partner is a whole different thing from keeping him. Keeping your man takes a lot of effort.

If you think you’ve found the right guy here are 16 ways to keep him.

(1) Most girls don’t trust their men, and that is very wrong. You will have to trust your man. That would make him feel special.

(2) Treasure your man and make him feel like he’s worth it. But don’t cross the limit and get possessive.

(3) You will have to take good care of yourself. Don’t hurt yourself and blame him.

(4) If you want to keep your man, you will have to believe in him and not look down on him

(5) Make your man realize that you are physically attracted to him and compliment him for his looks more often.

(6) Don’t ever make him feel insecure. Don’t even think of cheating because that would hurt his ego.

(7) Don’t do anything silly to get your man jealous to prove his love for you.

(8) Give him his time to understand you. Be honest and transparent when you talk to him.

(9) Admit it when you’re wrong. He wouldn’t like it if you yell at him to cover your mistakes.

(10) Make sacrifices and put him above you.

(11) Always be calm and patient with your man.

(12) You will need to be beautiful in his eyes. Think of what made him fall in love with you, and don’t let go of that.

(13) Don’t ever bring in a third person to solve your problems. Maintain an independent relationship with him and let the two of you decide what’s best for your relationship.

(14) Give him the affection and love that he deserves.

(15) You will have to make him realize that you are responsible and act mature.

(16) Men are vulnerable too and have bad days when they need someone to comfort them. Be there for him, protect him and guide him in the right direction.



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