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Hungry Mother Stole 5 Eggs To Feed Her Family, officer turns up with bags of food Instead Of Taking Her In Custody – Video

At the time of strained tensions between the black communities and the c-op, officer William Stacy shows compassion towards a desperate Alabama mother Helen Johnson.Helen Johnson is a middle-aged woman living in Tarrant received compassion from a officer whose compassion, understanding and kind act have caught the attention of the whole nation. Helen Johnson lives with her niece, 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren in Tarrant.

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The daughters use to receive a monthly welfare check of $120 for her disability, but this month, the check got lost in the mail and the family has nothing to eat. The family had to stay hungry for days, when the desperate Helen Johnson took her leftover $1.25 to buy eggs from Dollar General, she could not purchase the carton of eggs and was a few cents short.

To her desperation, and unable to go home empty-handed, she stole 5 eggs to feed her family. She said, “Of course when I put them in my pocket, they broke. I am not a good th-ief at all.” Seeing the dripping jacket, the employee of the shop, stopped her and asked if she was a culprit and she has to admit.

The store called the officer, but instead of taking her into custody, the officer William Stacy walked into the store and bought a carton of eggs for Helen Johnson and hugged her. The whole incident was caught on video by a passerby and was shared on social media.

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The store also decided not to press charges against her. Helen Johnson tried to give that $1.25 to the policeman but he refused to take it. He said if she wants to repay him, promise him not to do this again.

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The officer said, “Sometimes the best route is to not coustdy. hope she won’t do it again. I pray she doesn’t, and I don’t think she will.” But this was not all, the next day the officer Stacey and his colleagues went to Helen Johnson’s house with two truckloads of food for keeping her whole family fed through.

Image credit: AL.COM/Landov

On social media, the story went viral and Helen Johnson was greeted by the authorities. Later she received more food, clothing, and toys as a donation from the people who saw her story on social media. Helen Johnsonsaid, “My life has been changed forever because of Stacy and could never thank him enough.”


Luke How awful not to be able to feed your family! I am glad this lady got help from this kind officer. I hope she will be able to provide for her family in the future!

Anna So wonderful of what he did. God bless him and I hope the woman find a job soon. Is so hard in our days not to have anything. Also hope many follow this man about what he did and all of us take a lesson when we see when we know to help others.

Marlene What this officer did was great act of kindness, it”S a shame to see this kind of poverty on this so called rich country on earth.

Noel Blessed to those who have a great heart. Anyone can tell me that this woman looks like octavia spencer

Eric God bless you officer, I prophesies to your promotion in jesus’s name next year, next year you will get promoted to another level Be blessed



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