If Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Do These 11 Things, Then He’s Not “The One”


There is nothing more annoying than having a partner who wouldn’t open up and talk about things that bother them. It might be unreasonable to expect your partner to open up in the early stages of dating. However, if you have been together for a pretty good time, you must open up and discuss things that are most likely to affect your relationship with your partner.

Here are a few things that if your partner can’t open up about, then it may be time that you reconsider your relationship.

(1) If your partner cannot tell you about their feelings towards you, it may be a red flag. When you put effort into the relationship, you deserve to know where you stand with them

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(2) If your partner doesn’t discuss their future plans with you, then it is very obvious that they don’t see a future with you.

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(3) The subject of kids can be a major deal-breaker in any relationship. Therefore, it would be better to discuss whether you want to have kids. Although you might not agree on the same thing, just being able to discuss your opinions with each other is very important.

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(4) If your partner finds it hard to tell you about what they need s-xually, it might lead to issues later. If you don’t feel fulfilled by your partner, you must tell them in a kind manner.

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(5) Your relationship will always intertwine with money, so you must discuss money and financial goals since it affects many aspects of your relationship.

(6) Having a partner who doesn’t discuss their career or anything about how they make money is a red flag. If that is the case, then it is high time you reconsider your relationship.


(7) If you are planning to start a family with your partner, you must know how your partner grew up and the bond they share with their parents.

(8) If you are with someone for the long run, you need to know what bothers them and about their insecurities. If it is not discussed, it would be hard to understand each other.

(9) Everyone makes mistakes but, that’s not the problem. Be with someone who would own up to their mistakes and say sorry because they mean it.

(10) You should be able to talk about your past relationships. It has nothing to do with you being judged, but it’s important to let the other person know about your past.

(11) You should be able to discuss your partner’s health history else it would be difficult in the later stages for you to understand their situation, and offer your support.

While not everyone is comfortable opening up, you will have to try a different approach and empathize with your partner. Then they would be more receptive to your questions. However, if you still can’t talk to them about these important topics, then you might want to reconsider if they’re what you need.


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