‘I’m A Mum Of 34 Kids At 23 – We Sleep At 7pm But I’m Up All Night As They Wake’


DO YOU THINK YOUR LIFE IS CRAZY? At the age of 23, a woman announced that she is the mother of 34 children. Tusayiwe Mkhondya, a TikTok user, posted a video of her morning ritual at the home she manages for street children, adolescent moms, and orphans in Malawi. The children go to bed at 7 p.m., but her night shift truly begins at that time because many of the infants will need to be fed.

Image Source: Tik Tok

When Tusayiwe was 18 years old, she found herself a homeless single mother. Shortly after, she founded You Are Not Alone (Yana). She has an extremely demanding schedule for caring for the children at her shelter, who vary in age from five months to sixteen. “All the kids are not deserted,” she said on her @tusaiweyana Instagram. Some people are orphans, some only have one parent, and some have both parents but those folks have left them.

Image Source: Tik Tok

“I offer knowledge, skills, and freedom.” She demonstrated how she makes all the meals for the kids, including sandwiches, cooked dinners, and juice boxes, starting at 4 a.m. “I am the only one who cooks for the under-fives, and each kid has his or her own morning tasks,” she said. The children go to bed at seven o’clock, but that’s when her night shift actually begins because many of the newborns will need to be fed.

Image Source: Tik Tok

I have to feed them, change their nappies, get ready for work, and get ready for another day, she continued. Her actions were applauded by many, one of whom said: “You are doing an incredible thing for all of them! Keep going! May God richly rewards you, another person said.


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