Johnny Depp Wins $50 Million Defamation Case Against Amber Heard – Video


The jury finally gave its verdict in the infamous Johnny Depp and Amber Heard defamation trial. Depp had charge his former wife, Amber, for $50 million over an article she had written for The Washington Times where she called herself a suffer of mistreat. Although she had not taken Depp’s name, his legal team claimed that Amber was referring to Depp and that it cost him his career and hard earned reputation.

After the article was published, Depp was dropped from many projects. Amber counter charge Depp for $100 million, claiming he was not the one who was affected while they were together.

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The jury had to examine and sort six weeks of testimonies given by multiple witnesses. The jury concluded that Amber had wrongfully picked on Depp in the op-ed, and also found out that she had made false charges against him. The jury awarded $10 million to Depp as compensatory compensation for the opportunities he lost and another $5 million as punitive compensation. However, Penney Azcarate – Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge, had to reduce the punitive compensation awarded to Depp down to $3.5 million since the court only had the jurisdiction to award the said amount.

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The jury found one of the three statements to be true in Amber’s counterclaims and awarded her $2 million in compensation. Since the court found no evidence to support Amber’s claims in the op-ed that she wrote in 2016, the judgment did not come in her favour. She was quick to respond and said that she was disappointed at how ‘a mountain of evidence was not enough to stand up against the power of her former husband.’ She also said that the verdict was a backdrop for all the women and that she seemed to have lost her right to free speech in America.

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Depp also issued a statement stating that he was humbled by the decision of the court. He said that the false claims made against him six years ago had changed his life. He thanked the jury for giving his life back to him. Depp also thanked his ‘unwavering’ legal team. He also extended his appreciation to the Judge, the jurors, the court staff, and the Sheriffs. Depp said that he hopes his story will motivate others stuck in similar situations.

He also added that he was excited to start a new chapter of his life.


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