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Judge Denies DMX’s Fiancée Request For “Common Law Wife,” Legal Battle Over His Estate – Video

This past Spring, the world lost Hip-Hop legend DMX. Following his demise, his family has been rushing to figure out who would be in charge of his money and assets. Despite being a multi-platinum recording artist who has been in multiple blockbuster films, it is said that X left little behind and did not leave a will.

He was married to Desiree Lindstrom at the time of his end, and she has been struggling to inherit his inheritance. Lindstrom’s most recent bid, however, was rejected, putting his assets in limbo.

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DMX, real name Earl Simmons, has suffered addiction for years. He has sought therapy for reh*b on multiple occasions during his life, most recently in 2019, when he postponed performances to seek medical treatment. He also suffered from bipolar disorder, and he used self-medication to help him cope. Unfortunately, he succumbed to his illness, when he was discovered unconscious. According to news reports, he was unresponsive and eventually comatose before his family opted to end his life.


The New York Daily News published a report last month claiming that DMX’s assets are worth less than $50,000. “Despite selling over 74 million records over the course of a spectacularly great career in music and film, hip-hop legend DMX left behind an inheritance valued less than $1 million — and may be less than $50,000, according to legal papers.”


The source went on to say that recently, two daughters, Sasha Simmons and Jada Oden, submitted court filings to become administrators of X’s estate, listing a property valued at less than $50K. Nearly two weeks later, three of DMX’s kids — Xavier, Tacoma, and Sean Simmons – submitted ‘duelling’ petitions to become trustees of his legacy, although they assessed it to be under $1 million, a considerable discrepancy.


Despite the fact that Lindstrom and X were merely engaged, she submitted her own paperwork as a legal wife. This claim was dismissed in court because the plaintiff lacked “standing to file. “A court will decide who should be the operator after reviewing documentation from X’s children.



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