Kanye Leaked Messages From Kim Expressing Fear For Pete’s Safety And It’s Sparked A Conversation About Ha-rassment


People have raised their concern on the internet after Kanye West leaked some messages from Kim Kardashian supposedly.

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However, before going through the fan’s response let’s just recall the past and present relationship of the two celebrities.

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As everyone is aware Kim filed for di-vorce from Kanye, (who has changed his name to Ye) in Feb 2021 due to their incompatibility. The couple shares four children: North, Saint, Chicago, and Palm. In the initial weeks of separation, it seemed they both functioned as cordial co-parents.

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Later after two months, things began to change when rumors started appearing on the internet on Kim dating Pete Davidson, the Saturday Night Live Comedian.

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And by November when Kim and Pete’s relationship began to unfold publicly, Ye started making several grand declarations to reconcile their marriage. On various occasions, he states that God would unite them together again and claimed that he had never seen the di-vorce papers.

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Despite Ye’s continuous public efforts, Kim was firm in her decision and stayed low profile. In December she filed to be declared “single legally,” and in formal documents that stated, “no reconciliation or counseling would fix their marriage.”

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But, Ye was determined in winning her back although she clearly wanted to be separated from him. This eventually made him create direct digs at Pete.

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In January, When Ye released a new track he included Pete’s name by writing, “God save me from the c-rash so that I can beat Pete Davidson.” And in another song release “city of gods,” he states that Pete should thank him for letting him have Kim.

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This was not the end, it was until the weekend the fan get to know the full extent of Ye’s g-rievances.

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On Saturday he revealed a shocking news that says his long-time pal Kid Cudi wouldn’t be a part of his upcoming album, Donda 2 because he is friend with you know who, fans took it to be a reference to Pete.

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The next day, Ye shared a private message from Pete that states, “I would never meddle in the way of children. How you guys raise your children is up to you and I have nothing to do with it. I just wish I can meet your children and be their friend.”

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And Ye added the caption “NO YOU WILL NEVER MEET MY CHILDREN” along with the message. It just made most of the fans more concerned.

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Ye then came back to express his desire to reconcile with Kim, he wrote from the super bowl ‘ I wish my wife was me and our children sitting at the yard line @kimkardashian always remember West was your biggest W.

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And in another string of Instagram post he states that he has faith that the two will be back together.

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The rapper didn’t stop there, in a recent picture of Kim and Pete he wrote, “ I don’t have Beef with Kim,” “I Love my family so stop that narrative I’m not giving up on my family.”

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In the next post, Ye wrote that his family means more to him than anything else and he encouraged his fans to scream at loud as they can when they saw Pete in public.

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Later the same day, Ye shared a picture of a truck full of roses, with words on the side of the truck that says, “My vision is Krystal Klear.” Fans took it as a Valentine’s Day gift for Kim.

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With all these happening on one end, Kim and Pete have been photographed together in KYC at the other end. They both didn’t speak a word about Ye’s public statement however, it was not long before Ye revealed how Kim has been responding to his statement privately.

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Just after encouraging his fans to scream at Pete in public, he shared a private message from Kim that expresses her concern for Pete’s safety.

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He shared a screenshot of the message and the sender name is saved as “Kim other Phone”. The message reads, “you are creating a s-cary and dan-gerous environment, someone will hurt Pete and this will be your mistake.”

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Image credit: Larry Busacca / Getty Images for MTV

Responding to her message Ye captioned the post: “upon my wife’s request please don’t do anything physical to Skete,” he often refers to Pete as Skete. He went on adding that he will handle the situation by himself.

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Then in a short time, he shared another screenshot that includes some batch of messages that seemed to be sent by Kim. It appears that Kim thanked Ye for dissuading his fans from causing any ha-rm to Pete.

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The message reads the following, “well thank you, there are dan-gerous people out there, this is s-cary and it doesn’t have to be.” Ye replied to her message as, “I will always do everything to protect you and our family forever, I always listen to you and I have told everyone to make sure nothing happens to Pete physically.”

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Wait, that was not the end, he again shared a screenshot in which Kim questions him on why he prefers sharing their personal messages on social media. Ye then replied to her question, “because I got the text from my favorite person, I’m your number one fan. Why wouldn’t I tell everyone”?

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And that was the end of their private messages, and as expected the posts were deleted from his account within a short period. But, the leaked messages created an impact on social media.

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Most of the people expressed their concern over the two. They were concerned about Ye for going through mental health struggles in the past and Kim for enduring everything.

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In fact, most of them a-ccused Ye of public ha-rassment and states this is te-rrifying for a woman, he is th-reatening vi-olence and demanding her back.

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And another Twitter user states that this is textbook ha-rassment.

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However, in the current state, neither Pete nor Kim has addressed Ye’s behavior publicly.

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