Kind Man Gave His Dinner Money To Homeless Woman Outside Restaurant; Person Watching Bought His Meal


This story of a kind man who went on to buy food for a woman and her child will restore your faith in humanity and kindness. Fernando Herrera was heading to Hook’s wings to get some dinner when he overheard a woman asking another man walking in for the spare change to help her and her child get to a local shelter for the night.

The man was kind enough to give her all the cash that he was going to use to pay for his dinner and then started walking away.

Fernando was deeply touched by the man’s kindness and walked up to the man and offered to buy his dinner for him. The man declined the offer but on insisting, he accepted, and together they headed to the restaurant. After ordering the smallest meal on the menu, Fernando ordered one of the biggest, and when the meals were ready, he switched the meals and gave the man the larger order. Fernando said, “When we finally got the food, I gave him my order, and I took his. I thanked him for showing me that money doesn’t mean anything if you are not helping others. He thanked me and hugged me. Some people are blessed more than others, but that doesn’t mean we are better than them. It is a test God gives us to see who we are. Help others because you never know when you will need help.”

Photo credit: Fernando Herrera

After Fernando posted about the incident online, thousands of people appreciated the man for his kindness. One user said, “The part of this I find so beautiful is that he seems just as much in need as she was. He gave what little he had because he thought she needed it more. That’s truly amazing.” Another wrote, “I love this so much. People who have plenty and share are good but, people who have hardly anything and share are heroes in my book. God bless this wonderful man for being such a wonderful guy, I sure do look up to him, he is on higher ground than I am.”

Photo credit: stock_colors/Getty Images


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