Kind Man Tracks Down Little Girl, Buys Her A Proper School Uniform


Some time ago, a picture had gone viral that showed a little girl wearing a school uniform that was too big for her. Many made fun of the picture, and the little girl for wearing such a big uniform. However, one man who came across the picture was Gavin Khalima Khungwayo. He was very much moved and wanted to do something to help the little girl.

Image Credit: legit

He decided to buy a uniform for the little girl. He found the source from where the picture was being posted and travelled all way to the meet the unidentified girl, at her hometown. Gavin tracked the girl and brought her a new uniform. The Gauteng survivors appreciated and thanked Gavin for his kind actions. Ever since his story has been going viral and people all over the internet have been pouring in appreciation for the man.

Image Credit: legit

One user wrote, “We need more people like Gavin. May God abundantly bless him.’ Kind acts like these would help people restore their faith in humanity, and no doubt we need more people like Gavin so that the world becomes a happy place to live.

Image Credit: Legit


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