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‘Kroger Karen’ Blocks Black Mom’s Car After Seeing Kid Step on Shelf in Grocery Store – Video

As raial tensions in the United States continue to rise to unprecedented heights, a new viral video appears every day, escalating tensions even more. That’s exactly what happened after a black mother in a Detroit suburb videotaped an awkward experience with a white mother in a Kroger grocery store parking lot. As the video continues to go viral, many people are claiming that the white mother’s behaviour was not only strange, but also ra-cst.

Shaneeka Montgomery-Strickland, 43, claimed she was only attempting to get out of a parking spot when it occurred on Saturday afternoon.

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Even while her toddler sat in a stroller alongside her, an unnamed white woman stood behind her, obstructing her car. Things turned heated when Montgomery-Strickland stepped out of her car to talk with the woman.

The black mother of three swiftly took her phone and starts recording, with a portion of the incident being live-streamed on social media.

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“Hello,” Montgomery-Strickland remarked as the tape began. “I’m at Krogers in Livonia on 8 Mile, and there’s a woman standing behind my car telling me I can’t go. This is really absurd!” The Michigan mom had only minutes earlier met paths with the unnamed white woman while shopping in the same section of the grocery store. One of Montgomery-three Strickland’s boys had supposedly walked on the bottom shelf to retrieve a bottle of Gatorade, which enraged the white mother.

The mother from Michigan stated she tried to alleviate the situation at the moment, but it didn’t help much.

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Montgomery-Strickland recounted, “I implored her, ‘Please don’t sh-out at them,’ and then she began yelling at me.” “And I told them, ‘You don’t have to sh-out at them, they received the Gatorade…’ “If you’re short, a lot of people will go up there and get what they need,” she explained. “There aren’t many workers in the aisle, so you do what you need to do and go on.” The other woman, on the other hand, did not appear to have moved on.

Montgomery-Strickland returned to her car after finishing her shopping and was about to depart when the altercation began.

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“She still went to her car, returned with the kid in the cart, called me the B-word, then stood beside my car as I started secretly filming after that,” the mother told Fox 2. “When I asked ma’am to go from behind my car, she answered, ‘No, I’m not moving anywhere.'”

Montgomery-Strickland claims in her social media video that she has never experienced anything like this before.

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“There’s all this protesting and things going on out here, and this is what this woman is doing — refusing to step out from behind my car,” she explained. The white lady can be heard advising Montgomery-Strickland that she shouldn’t be photographing a minor while the video plays, and Montgomery-Strickland did her best to avoid sh-ooting the mother’s daughter.

Both ladies quickly phoned the po-lice, who arrived on the scene and attempted to calm things down.

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Both ladies gave po-lice information, and the white woman was eventually requested to move so Montgomery-Strickland could exit. However, as her video continues to go viral, many people are debating whether the woman’s actions were rac*ally motivated, and it’s sparking discussions about the countless undocumented microaggressions that minorities suffer on a daily basis.

On social media, the mother got a deluge of comments from people all around the world who couldn’t believe what had occurred.

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Many individuals also blamed the white mother for being irresponsible. On social media, one user said, “Wtf is wrong with people???” “To really stand behind your car with a stroller laden with a baby… CPS needs to look into her case.” “She should’ve turned the stroller around or, better still, taken her sloppy [crap] to her car if she didn’t want her child videotaped,” another user remarked.

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“White privilege is being able to storm up to a officer while he is defenceless as he gets out of his truck,” one person commented, referring to how quickly the white woman went up to the officer to explain her version of events first.



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