Larenz Tate Opens Up About Marriage And Why He Doesn’t Share A Bedroom With His Wife – Video


Larenz Tate has been contributing to the television industry for years, recently the actor has made a comeback through the television series Power. The c-rime drama made him capture the spotlight again and in an interview with The Breakfast Club and he was seen gossiping about his real life romance. Tate and Tomasina Parrott has been married for 13 years and they share four kids together.

He reveals the secret behind their successful relationship.

I felt a good sign when I first met my wife. Our dating days lasts for nearly six years, we took time to get ourselves together, and then we got married. We both wanted to make sure we are ready for the crazy days ahead. I always questioned ‘You still want to rock me? You must know I like ladies’ and she was like “Look man, get your mind right”. Compatibility and honesty play a really important role in our relationship, we create what we want to create and we differ at what others are creating in their relationship and households.

Usually, we include the best part of our relationship that we have seen into our own. We walk in a different path, it is not going to be anyone else’s path. This is our way and being in the television industry, it is pretty much difficult to follow. There are always stumbling blocks in every walk of your life and you must be aware of who you are and what you have. He also shared that he doesn’t share the be-droom with his wife and assures it is not what everyone thinks.

After a busy day, I return home and gotta stay away from her. I go to bed in a different room and don’t look at her for too long. I try my best to shut myself in the other room and when things get a little tangy she ends up ch-ildbearing all the time.


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