Lizzo Removes Controversial Lyric From Her New Song After A Moving Exchange With Disabled Fans


Fans chastised Lizzo for a term in her latest single “Grrrls” that was perceived as demeaning toward disabled people by some. Lizzo is a composer who has made integration a component of her forum. According to Urban Dictionary, the first line of the song contains the word “spa-zz,” which can mean “arbitrary, wild uproar” in broad informal language.

However, as many disability advocates noted, “spastic” can also refer to a person who suffers from a medical condition that causes them to lose control of their muscle tissue (cerebral palsy, in particular). The term is frequently used as a disrespect to denote someone who is “awkward or clumsy.” As a result, many people regard it as an “extremely offensive.”

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Fans who were dissatisfied with its inclusion in her song vented their frustrations online, catching Lizzo’s attention. “Hey, @lizzo, I have a disorder.” Your latest single makes me angry + sad because Cerebral Palsy is basically categorised as Spastic Diplegia (where spasticity relates to neverending distressing stiffness in my legs). ‘S—z’ does not imply ‘crazy’ or ‘freaked out.’ It’s a derogatory term used by ableists. The year is 2022. One person stated, “Do better.”

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“Oh @lizzo,” said another. Using the word [email protected] in her new track, a VERY iconic person. A disparaging and insulting term. This is a step backwards for someone who has written about the use of impairment vocabulary, particularly colloquial words that have been used in colleges. Please take it down.”

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So, what do you do when you coincidentally say stuff painful, regardless of the fact that it was the furthest thing from your mind? How do you put things better without jeopardising your own self-respect? You do the same as Lizzo did in that situation.

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