Lottery Winner Hides Identity From Relatives By Wearing ‘Scream’ Mask To Award Ceremony – Video


A man from Jamaica wears a mask inspired by the movie Scream to claim his prize money of $158.4 million. Based on the Distractify report, A. Campbell won the prize from the nation’s Super Lotto in November Last year. The man waited for nearly 54 days to collect the winning amount and he decided to conceal his identity in public such that his relatives won’t hound him for money.

Campbell said that I usually note down the winning lotto number from the television draw and check the number once I have finished my breakfast. That night when I looked at my ticket I rushed to the bathroom and exclaimed: “I won! I won!” Campbell also shared what he is planning to do with the winning amount. He said I am looking for a nice house to buy and I am planning to expand my little business. I like to use my money wisely such that I needn’t borrow money from others I love to own money.

Pictures of Campbell collecting money from the lottery executives with his mask on went viral. He was seen shaking hands with the executives while receiving a large cheque from the team. People from Caribbean usually disguise themselves while collecting their winning amount it is because of the high cr-ime involved in the country. And in some cases it is due to the fear of their relatives and friends hounding for money.

Similarly, in June, a woman also disguised herself by wearing an emoji mask to protect her from theft. She won nearly $180,900,000 in Jamaican money.


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