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Ludacris Paid For A Woman’s $375 Grocery Bill Who Didn’t Have Enough Money — And She Didn’t Even Know It Was Him – video

The smallest, most trivial gestures of compassion may sometimes make the most impact. At least, that was the situation for a woman in Atlanta, Georgia, who had a complete stranger pay for her groceries. According to ABC-affiliated KVUE, the lady was freelance journalist Therra Jaramillo, and the stranger was rapper and actor Ludacris. Jaramillo revealed in a now-viral social media post that she’s had a horrifying few years after her spouse leave this world of brain can-cer.

“I was too ashamed to admit I was having money problems, but it was a serious issue.” I was having trouble sleeping. Every day, I was in tears. “In my vehicle, I rationed gas,” she wrote. Jaramillo stated that she was in a financial dilemma earlier this week when she needed to buy a new water heater and was awaiting payment from a freelance writing client.

According to her post, she was straining to meet these financial responsibilities while also caring for four shelter dogs, two rescue cats, a chicken, her brother, and herself. But, she added, things changed when a friend surprisingly brought her a $250 Whole Foods gift card. So she went to the local supermarket in Atlanta, Georgia on Monday. When she went to check out, however, she discovered she didn’t have the money on her gift card to cover all of her purchases. Jaramillo admitted to being agitated, but that’s when the man in line ahead of her came in to pay for her purchases, which totalled $375.

“‘I said I got this,’ he said as he turned to face me. “And I glanced at him and he said, ‘Don’t put anything back,'” she recounted to KVUE. Jaramillo expressed her gratitude for the charity shown by this gentleman, who introduced himself as “Chris,” in a social media post. “I welcomed him, but I was so taken aback that I stumbled over my words even as we exchanged quick conversation (he inquired about my four dogs), thinking to myself, ‘I’m talking to an angel.’ Is it necessary for me to inform him? She wrote, “Should I tell him he’s an angel?”

She had no idea she was speaking with Grammy Award-winning musician Ludacris (neé Christopher Brian Bridges) the entire time. Jaramillo had no clue until the clerk informed her after the rapper had gone. She writes, “The cashier came back to place the rest of my goods into my basket and casually stated, ‘You realize that’s Ludacris, right?'” She had no idea, but his gesture of compassion had a significant influence on her.

She completed her viral post with the lesson that we must all strive to be more like Ludacris: nice just for the purpose of being kind.

“What Ludacris didn’t realize was that his simple kindness and thoughtful gesture came at a time when my flame went out,” she wrote. To f-ire up my own light, he turned on his own. Isn’t that what we’re supposed to do for one other? It is, in my opinion. You guys, be like Ludacris.” The spokesperson for Ludacris refused to respond on the record. Therra Jaramillo and Whole Foods did not react to INSIDER’s request for comment.



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