Madonna Shared Graphic Details On Her Reported Fling With Michael Jackson – Video


If there’s someone whose name has been linked with most male celebrities – it has to be Madonna. Recently she opened up about her fling with Michael Jackson and stunned the whole world. She was a part of the Late Late Show with James Corden, where James asked her about her link-up rumours with the legendary Michael Jackson after a picture of them together went viral.

Image Credit: Facebook

James asked her if it was a night out or night in which she said that it was a night in and that she kissed Michael. James was stunned for a second because he had never known about it. He again asked her if she kissed Michael to which she said yes. Madonna also said that she had never spoken about it before because nobody asked her.

Image Credit: Huffpost

When asked about who made the first move, she said that she made Michael drink a glass of the grape and got him tipsy, and then of course things followed one after the other. Over the years, Michael’s name has been using up with many women ranging from A-list celebrities to an average female groupie, and we must agree, that he never single out.


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