Malcolm Jamal Warner Refuse To Speak On Bill Cosby: ‘No Matter What I Say, It’ll Be Misinterpreted’


In today’s world, it’s not safe to open up or give your honest opinion about anything. Especially as a celebrity, one is expected to walk on an eggshell because everything they say is subject to attention and scrutiny. The media often misquotes what celebrities say, and one person who has fallen prey to this is comedian and actor Bill Cosby.

Many fans have anticipated what former cast members of the Cosby show had to tell about the charges against the stand-up comedian.

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A few of the charge incidents ultimately led to Bill being sentenced to 10 years in a Montgomery County guardhouse in Pennsylvania. During this course, many of his co-stars came out to support him. Cosby’s television wife, Phylicia Rashad, showed her support multiple times, for which she was subject to censure. Actress Keshia Knight Pulliam, who played Bill Cosby’s youngest daughter on the sitcom, also showed her support for the comedian.

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Keshia also said that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Malcolm Jamal Warner, who played son Theodore Huxtable, also came out, to support Bill and said it was painful to witness the ordeal. He also said that the Bill Cosby he knows doesn’t match the charges made against him. In an interview with AP News, Malcolm had spoken about the tarnishing image of the Cosby show.

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He said that his biggest concern was the stereotypical imagery of coloured people, in the industry. Later he came under the lens for supporting Bill, and that’s when he said “situations where I’ve said one thing and people would take that statement and interpret it as I’m defending him. So, at some point, it’s like I can’t say anything because, again, people are going to interpret it filtered through what they want to see.”


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