Man Builds Tiny House on Wheels for Homeless Woman That Sleeps Outside His House – Video


To help someone who requires help, you don’t have to be rich. All it takes is a little compassion. Elvis Summers is an example of the same. Elvis noticed this 60-year-old woman Irene “Smokie” McGee, knocked on his door, and asked him for recyclables so that she could sell them for money.

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After summers got to know about the woman he wanted to know more about her. On hearing her story, he was moved and wanted to do something for her.

Image credit: Starting Human via YouTube

Smokie had been left homeless since 2014 after her husband leave this world. She didn’t have anything and was forced to sleep on the streets in the dirt.

She didn’t have the money to afford a house. On hearing her story Summers asked her what if he got her home.

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Smokie thought he was kidding. But he wasn’t. He wanted to build her a tiny home where she could sleep in the home. So he used his construction skills and built her, a tiny house that can be moved.

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She was moved to tears when she saw that. She could live in it for 72 hours and then had to move her tiny home to another place.

Image credit: Starting Human via YouTube

Smokie L-eave this world, leaving Summers heartbr-oken and happy at the same time. Heartbr-oken because he’s lost his friend and happy because he could do something to make her happy.

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Summers then went on to crowdsource more than $50k and is currently working towards building such tiny homes for homeless people who are in need.


Timothy Smith – Man that has got to be one of the greatest acts of love I’ve ever seen that’s what everybody should be doing helping one another when you see somebody you need like that look what he did he went totally out of his way even reached into his own pocket to help them reached into his own wallet and and put in the work and cared and that’s that’s caring in action that’s love and action that’s the way life should be that’s the way people should be.

Dianne – If I had any carpentry skills whatsoever, I would be building as many as I could. You give someone something to be proud of and soon they find reasons to be proud of themselves.

Ellie – It’s a beautiful little home, you should be very proud, and I know, and I think we all know, that she is in a better place now

Elizabeth – Could you imagine how great it would be if all contractors used their excess building supplies to build something just like this? No it is not a permanent solution but I bet there are so many who would feel like they had just won the lottery to get one. I have noticed the majority of these people are just so grateful to have anything like this that they could lock up and truly call their own.

Marina – This has inspired me , when I can get some materials I’m going to try make these little houses myself . Giving someone a break in life doesn’t hurt anyone, so pay it forward , some day it could be anyone of us just remember that and until you lose everything you have and only then you will know the affects of homelessness and how it feels. Compassion and helping your fellow man doesn’t hurt anyone. I’m so grateful I seen this video thank you.


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